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  1. AaronD

    Recommendation on Tablet to use for Navionics App?

    We've used Navionics quite a lot, and I haven't ever seen that problem (over the years, we've used a 2012 iPad, an original iPad Air, and currently a 2016 iPad Pro). Hope you can find a solution.
  2. AaronD

    Difference between Tohatsu 6hp Sail Pro vs Non-Sail Pro

    I think you can get the high-thrust prop for about $90 - I think this is the same one Tohatsu puts on the SailPro models: And then you'd have a spare prop just in case.
  3. AaronD

    Tongue weight question.

    I just did the same this year. Also, added a spare-tire mount near the trailer tongue (instead of the welded-on mount point near the axle). Overall, I added ~150 lbs of tongue weight. If you're in the market for a nice adjustable ball-mount, consider the Weigh Safe, with a built-in...
  4. AaronD

    Dyneema for traveler?

    I'd recommend you even consider nylon (more stretch). @thinwater has done a lot of thinking and research there. See my notes at Traveler theory, with links to his work.
  5. AaronD

    Sailing and restoring #9874

    Swim Ladder Quick Release A small project that I hope to never test in anger. My wife fell in at anchor last year, while climbing over the side into a kayak. That got me thinking about the stern ladder. We’d always held it up with a bungee cord, but that would be really hard to release from the...
  6. AaronD

    Sailing and restoring #9874

    Halfway Through 2 Weeks in the San Juans A start delayed by a wheel bearing and hub, but the trip looked up from there. Friday Harbor today, then on to…we’re not quite sure. Full trip report eventually.
  7. AaronD

    Sailing and restoring #9874

    The Big Hit of the Year A surprise for my sailboat-averse 10-year-old. It’s a huge win with the whole crew. So far as I can tell, there’s just no way to fit a standard hammock on the foredeck of a C-22, but this chair works great. Hanging from a spare halyard, and sung out to the forest at...
  8. AaronD

    Bow Nav Light Bracket

    It looks like CD's versions might be out of stock. But if you call them, they might recommend an alternative, as might our hosts here at SBO - I've found staff at both companies to be knowledgable and helpful. Another alternative - I made my own with some Starboard and U-bolts. The ready-made...
  9. AaronD

    Motor mount just not lifting any more

    I replaced the rails on our Garhauer mount with the CD double-thick rails; my notes are here (the 2nd part of that post). As @Leeward Rail said, I had to cut off the sleeves and replace all the bolts, bushings, and washers (long 316 stainless bolts weren't cheap, but hopefully they'll last...
  10. AaronD

    1987 Cat 22 Running Rigging

    Similar setup on my C-22. Joe used 5/16" on his 27; for the 22, I used 5/32" Endura 12 covered with the cover of 1/4" Sta-Set - the final line is just about exactly the same diameter as 1/4" dacron. Endura 12 is New England Ropes' equivalent of Amsteel - it's easier to find 5/32" in E-12, and...
  11. AaronD

    Schaffer Snapfurl 700 ( or smaller 500) - thoughts by owners

    Yes, just one clevis pin to connect the two toggles. I use a split-ring cotter on that one, so it's quick and easy. I inspect the split-ring more frequently and assiduously than the 'normal' cotter pins on most other stays, but it's exposed and easy to check. I don't think I have any close-up...
  12. AaronD

    Schaffer Snapfurl 700 ( or smaller 500) - thoughts by owners

    I installed the CF-500 on a smaller boat 4 seasons ago, and we've been happy with it. My install notes are here. Snapping the foil together took more time and effort than I expected, but with a little patience, it all went well. Note that my install on a trailerable boat was in my shop. If...
  13. AaronD

    1987 Catalina 22 Canvas Source

    I'm already in the group waiting for when COVID's supply-chain mess clears up enough you can take more canvas orders (a C-22 companionway cover, in my case). Maybe you can post a general announcement when your suppliers are catching up.
  14. AaronD

    Sailing and restoring #9874

    Internal 8:1 Outhaul Our old main (possibly original to our 1981) had a single reef point at 4'. Our new one had a single reef at 3', and we had a second added at 6', so we have more reefing options now. That means I have clew reefing lines running on both sides of the boom. To clean things up...
  15. AaronD

    Electrical components

    I have them switched on a 15A circuit, shared with the cabin lights and the handheld VHF chargers (the lights and chargers have smaller fuses off the circuit's bus bars, as their wiring is too small for 15A). I use a Blue Sea 4322 breaker panel, fed from a main battery switch (like these, but...
  16. AaronD

    Electrical components

    From memory, I think we have: --One in each cockpit pocket --Two in the port-side bulkhead - facing the fiddle shelf, for charging phones, Kindles, etc. --One in the starboard-side bulkhead - with a mesh pocket attached to the pipe-berth wall, for tablets or laptops --One in the V-berth - for...
  17. AaronD

    Sailing and restoring #9874

    Dual-purpose horseshoe throwable On a small boat, it's always good to find multipurpose items. Our BBQ grill has flip-out legs, a great idea if one wants to cook on shore. But the rail mount is taller than the legs, which rather defeats the purpose (it would only sit level were I to unbolt...
  18. AaronD

    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    :laugh: The new design did, and there's a little icebox in the sliding galley, but it's essentially uninsulated, so it would be more of a meltwater box than an icebox. My take on the perfect cooler for a C-22.
  19. AaronD

    Electrical components

    My $.02: The need-to-have and want-to-have lists will vary greatly depending on your intended usage. For daysailing on a familiar lake, even a depth sounder or VHF might be overkill. If you're exploring busy waters, the ability to talk to the big steel things doing 20 knots might be a priority...
  20. AaronD

    Original Keel Turning Ball + Question about Keel Cable Hose

    As usual, @Maine Sail has a relevant article. Worth reading. The hose clamps in the Catalina Direct kit are good quality. If you need to replace them, be sure to buy good 316 SS non-perforated ones. In addition to the volcano, we have the cockpit drain and a (non-functional) speed log...