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  1. Rightbrainer

    Fin or wing?

    I have a wing keel because the shallower draft allows me to bring my boat up to my dock rather than sail it off a mooring, which is a PITA. If I could, I'd have a fin keel. I think they are a little stiffer and point a little better. I think that my rudder is also shorter than a fin keel boat...
  2. Rightbrainer

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    OK, upon further review... Let's say the spinnaker is 28' x 25' x 15'. perimeter = 68'; semi-perimeter = 34'; area = 186.8 sq. ft. (Heron's formula). Round up to 200 sq. ft. because the sides aren't straight. Wind pressure = .00256 x wind velocity squared. I don't want a chute up over 15mph...
  3. Rightbrainer

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    I have a Mark 1 SRWK and I have a asymmetric spinnaker that's a bit too tall that I'd like to use for day sailing. Any thoughts about just moving the spin halyard block to the masthead? Would it require runners?
  4. Rightbrainer

    Boom for Rodes 19 Here you go.
  5. Rightbrainer

    What happened to the CP22 website?

    Just asking...