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  1. Warren Milberg

    87 Hunter 28.5 reefing the jib

    The original Hood continuous line furler is not worth keeping. I replaced mine on my ‘86 28.5 after the first year of ownership. I bought a Selden Furlex and think it was one of the best investments I made for the boat.
  2. Warren Milberg

    identify this boat

    Looks a lot like my Alberg Sea Sprite.
  3. Warren Milberg

    Diesel Won't Start - Completely Frustrated.

    I had the same boat and same Yanmar 2GM20F. I suggest checking the engine ground wire, which may not be making a solid connection.Don‘t just look at the connection, take if off, clean it, reinstall tightly.
  4. Warren Milberg

    Yanmar mixing elbow question

    Your engine will tell you when it’s time to inspect and/or replace the mixing elbow. If your engine can pull 3400 rpms smoothly and without smoke the elbow is probably ok.
  5. Warren Milberg

    Stuffing box help

    First, i would try heat on the stuffing box with a torch, if you can do that safely. Second, rap the lock nut toward port very hard with a ball peen hammer. Really whack it. Third, put one wrench on the packing nut, the other on the lock nut and try to pull the lock nut to port. Good luck.
  6. Warren Milberg

    Hunter 28.5 dinette table

    Mine was mahogany in my ‘86 H28.5.
  7. Warren Milberg

    Blisters Hunter 28.5

    I bought a 1986 Hunter 28.5 in 2003. A great boat that has lived up to all my expectations. That said, I would have walked away from buying this boat, or any boat, had I found any blisters on the hull when I inspected it prior to purchase. There are lots of boats on the market. Find one without...
  8. Warren Milberg

    Why does Hunter have a bad name?

    Every informed boat buyer knows that Hunters aren’t Hinckleys. That said, Ive owned a Hunter for many years and have loved the boat. It is the Ford or Chevy equivalent, not a Bentley or Mercedes. Hunter packs a lot value into its boats and, for the most part, have brought boats into the lives of...
  9. Warren Milberg

    My H28.5 Mods

    The ‘86 H28.5 is a great boat. Good luck with yours.
  10. Warren Milberg

    Furler for '1992 30T

    I replaced the Hood single line furler on my ‘86 Hunter 28.5 with a Selden Furlex 200 unit and it has performed well over the years. It was about twice the price of a comparable CDI unit, however.
  11. Warren Milberg

    Hunter 28.5 cockpit speakers and placement?

    On my 1986 H28.5, the speakers were mounted facing forward in the small lockers on each side of the helm seat.
  12. Warren Milberg

    The most insane altercation i've ever had with a guest on board

    When are you guys going sailing again? I can hardly wait for a recap....
  13. Warren Milberg

    Flares. How do you dispose of them?

    Many countries have toxic waste disposal capabilities and may take old flares. For those who decide to ignite old handheld flares in their backyards or elsewhere, wear an oven mitt or similar protection when doing so. Give some thought to where the ash or slag is going to come down. A few...
  14. Warren Milberg


    Go see the movie “Maiden,” about the first all-female crew to compete in the 1989 Whitbread Race around the world. True grit. Well-worth seeing.
  15. Warren Milberg

    Boat For The Grandkids

    I learned to sail (as an adult) on a Snipe. I think it’s too much boat for a youngster to learn on. As others suggested, a small keel boat (Typhoon, Sea Sprite, Ensign/Electra, etc.) is a far better choice. But these boats tend to be pricey for their size. Everything is a trade off in boating....
  16. Warren Milberg

    85 Hunter 28.5 Model specific problems?

    Having owned a 1986 H28.5 for many years, I’d say that beyond all the common potential issues boats of this age may have, my only issue with this model boat is the cast iron keel. Each owner deals with this issue in his own way. While I love this boat, each spring I wish it had a lead keel.
  17. Warren Milberg

    I need a slower boat.

    I think Cliff put a high performance rudder on your boat to replace the OEM Foss Foam rudder. I’m in my 70s and I thought single-handling my 28.5 in 10-12 kts with a full main and 110 headsail was great fun and not difficult if the boat was not over-trimmed. Make sure your rigging is tuned and...
  18. Warren Milberg

    Bimini for Hunter 28.5

    My guess is that you could have one made by SBO. Send a note to Dave.
  19. Warren Milberg

    Big OOPS! Now a new pulpit

    Try this place: