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  1. tfox2069

    2008 Hunter 36 install of Raritan Fresh Head

    Jabsco needed rebuilding again, so decided to replace entire head with a Raritan Fresh compact marine head. We never cruise enough for freshwater use to be a problem, and getting rid of seawater smell is a bonus. Plus - Raritan vs Jabsco. Peggy recommended this head, and the bolt footprint is...
  2. tfox2069

    Mast mounting a whisker pole - sticker shock

    I've been eyeing adding an asymmetrical spinnaker for the last two seasons to my 2009 Hunter 36. But where my sail plan generally falls short is almost dead downwind, so I've come to the conclusion that a potentially better option would be to rig a whisker pole to wing out my 135% genoa. I...
  3. tfox2069

    Compression Post Diameter - Hunter 36-2

    Would anyone happen to know the diameter of the compression post for a Hunter 36-2 (or 38/39)? Specifically I'm looking for the diameter of the post inside the cabin that runs through the tabletop. Thanks in advance!
  4. tfox2069

    Procedure for ensuring no antifreeze in cylinders of 3YM30 before cranking?

    I am concerned that there may be antifreeze in the cylinder(s) of my 3YM30. The engine has not been started since the event which led me to suspect this might be the case (and I'm probably being hyper vigilant here), so I want to ensure there's definitely no antifreeze in the cylinders before I...
  5. tfox2069

    Installed Marvair CR330 Condensation

    Just finished installing a Marvair CR330 Condensation Removal Kit for my Dometic 16k a/c unit on my 2009 H36. 1 hour and $139 from Defender. Half the price of the Mermaid Condensator. No more emptying gallons of a/c condensation from my bilge capture bucket, or having it end up in the bilge if I...
  6. tfox2069

    Figured out why washdown pump doesn’t work. Now what?

    Last weekend while washing down the last bit of the anchor after a nice lunch break and swim the washdown pump suddenly stopped working. This evening I got back to the boat after work and had the time to try to figure out why, and I did. Tracing the power and ground wires I found the red power...
  7. tfox2069

    Cockpit cushions for Hunter 41DS

    Full set of closed cell foam cushions for Hunter 41DS. Good condition. For delivery/pickup only in Washington DC area.
  8. tfox2069

    Got my bottom paint in the mail today...kind of

    My two gallons of bottom paint, on sale at West Marine, arrived via free shipping today. Pretty sure this won’t cover the whole bottom of my Hunter 36. Yeah, it’s khaki work pants in the box. And nothing else. I didn’t order khaki work pants. Especially size 32. Hilarious call to West Marine...
  9. tfox2069

    Help with inserting wires into Raymarine Smartcontroller!

    I’m trying to insert wires into a Raymarine SmartPilot head. I’ve RTFM, which says: “Use a small screwdriver to push the small plastic lever on top of the terminal and release the cable clamp.” for the life of me I cannot figure out which WAY to “push” the plastic lever -up, down, straight...
  10. tfox2069

    AC Panel LED lights

    I have an LED light out on my AC panel in my 2009 H36. Has anyone replaced one? If so, where did you get the tiny LED? I tried one from BlueSea that is 11/64 but it is slightly too big and I cannot get it so seat all the way (and it took an inordinate amount of pressure to get it 3/4 of the...
  11. tfox2069

    Hunter installed winch improperly from factory

    Went to service my Lewmar 40 two-speed cockpit winches today on my 2009 H36. Starboard winch - no problemo. Port winch: Large gear wouldn’t come out because the opening in the base was installed next to the coaming. It has to be outboard, as the other opening for the other gearset is too small...
  12. tfox2069

    Firefly batteries and the rest of the charging system

    So I’m looking at replacing my house batteries on my 2009 H36 within a year and doing some research. I’ve read the AGM thread and done some reading in as well. I’ve installed a Victron BMV-712 monitor, and am nearly done installing 160 watts of solar run thru a Victron 100/20...
  13. tfox2069

    Hunter 36 remove bottom stair for impeller and belt changes

    So I've seen another closed thread on this subject, which never solved this problem beyond angled tools or ratchets, mirrors, and lots of dropped tiny screws into the nether regions of the boat. I’ve managed to resolve it, and thought I’d share the fruits of a 6 hour effort. Problem: Changing...
  14. tfox2069

    Canvas work around Deale, MD

    Curious what others have found with regard to businesses in the Deale, MD area that do canvas work. I've had a couple of occasions over the past 4 months to need some canvas work done, and will not do business again with either of the establishments I engaged. The first business I engaged to...
  15. tfox2069

    Battery capacity test

    So I've been scouring the boards here, MaineSail's site, and taking on board advice from a number of you regarding rewiring my "factory" battery and charging system. I'm learning a lot, and greatly appreciate everyone's willingness to educate others. This weekend I did a **rough** test to...
  16. tfox2069

    How do you remove hard plastic headliner in head on 2009 H36

    I own a 2009 H36 and want to add a clutch to the port side. The clutch is just to port of the interior wall in the sink room, and the headliner is hard plastic, not vinyl like elsewhere in the boat (makes sense - you want it to be impenetrable to moisture). Anyone know how to remove that...