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  1. kappykaplan

    Happy 246th Birthday, U.S. Navy!

    Go Navy, Beat Army! :beer:
  2. kappykaplan

    TD 19 Thoughts

    What do you guys think about TD 19? Tks. :beer:
  3. kappykaplan

    Out for a while and off the water for a while longer

    Been off the forum for most of the past week - had prostate surgery on 08 Jun. Not going to be a good year for sailing! And Momma Duck still owns my boat. :beer:
  4. kappykaplan

    A skeptic no more!

    Was out solo yesterday under a small craft advisory. Took the main straight to the first reef and was having a blast. It looked like I was easily going to be able to get my goal of 50NM of sailing. Then the wind really piped up! I quickly realized that I needed to depower the rig, but I...
  5. kappykaplan

    Why won't my engine won't go above 1700 RPM?

    Took the boat out yesterday - glorious 50NM on the water. Going out and coming in, engine easily got up to 2100 RPM. Today, on a solo run, engine cranked and started normally. Got out of the slip and gave it fairly high throttle and it wouldn't go above 1700 RPM. The engine didn't sound like it...
  6. kappykaplan

    Quandry over New Holding Tank System for 1983 Pearson 37

    Peggy, one of the items on my refit list for this winter is to get rid of the 5-gallon bladder that serves as the holding tank, as well as to have a Class 1 MSD installed. Two years ago, I replaced the water bladders with custom aluminum tanks after one of the bladders sprung a leak. I had...