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  1. Mark Maulden

    Balmar SG200 battery monitor

    Anyone know how this monitor handles a bank and a separate start battery with an ACR In between?
  2. Mark Maulden

    Brightwork product

    Anybody ever use Le Tonkinois oil? Can buy at American Tar and Rope..
  3. Mark Maulden

    Ceramic coatings

    Anybody have any experience with the ceramic coatings being advertised? Replacement for wax?
  4. Mark Maulden

    Caframo air circulator - also under West Marine name

    I use two of these during the winter months on the cabin sole. They were given to me two yrs ago from two different sources. Several days ago, I took them to the boat and plugged em in..I always check the fan to see if it’s turning. Being that they were used when acquired, I did (do) not know...
  5. Mark Maulden

    Main sheet twist

    This is my main sheet. How would I keep this from twisting around itself? I have taken the line out of the blocks and re threaded after laying it out flat. Line is sta set X. This is not the original traveler setup. Some PO moved the traveler from the bridge deck to cabin top. I have wanted...
  6. Mark Maulden

    Stainless question

    Clearing out my mom’s house and the admiral comes across a fish poacher. An oblong stainless steel pan with a rack inside. Only thing is it has a pinhole leak a few inches from the bottom. Any ideas for a fix? J.B. weld?, epoxy? Has to be food safe and take heat...Google is not helping...
  7. Mark Maulden

    Raw water pump - anyone consider doing this?

    With all the boats I’ve owned (4), they all had or have Johnson pumps with the stupid paper gaskets. I think my current one has a rubber o-ring (Beta engine) and I’ll find out soon during it’s first change. The cover plates have little bolts that screw through the plate and into the housing...
  8. Mark Maulden

    Marina and park closures has a listing of the current status of marinas and amenities.
  9. Mark Maulden

    Jib sheet replacement

    It's time to change the 40 yr old sheets. I think they are Samson original LS or XLS 9/16. I cannot find any data for these old ropes. I am looking at using Samson XLS3 1/2 which is actually .472” spec’d at 12mm. Nine yrs ago, I replaced all running rigging (except jib sheets) with STA-SET...
  10. Mark Maulden

    Lost a good friend

    We lost a good friend and club member a few days ago. He lived on his boat in Anacortes. He was in town at the Brown Lantern Tavern (a few of you know it) and evidently was feeling the proverbial oats when he left. He went missing wed night when his girl friend could not contact him and...
  11. Mark Maulden

    Raymarine E7D plotter issue

    So, I’ve been having this little plotter issue this last two yrs. When the boat icon moves on the chart, sometimes the icon gets “stuck”. It does not change position. It’s dangerous if you’re not keeping track via DR. Plotter is in a navpod on the binnacle so good gps reception. This is in...
  12. Mark Maulden

    Raymarine E7D plotter

    I’ve had this plotter since 2011. I’ve run out of ideas for swear words for it. It is located in the cockpit (where it’s needed). When my fingers are remotely moist, the touch screen does not work. Been that way since day 1. Two yrs ago, the little joystick/zoom knob quit working and right...
  13. Mark Maulden

    Beta 35 starting problem

    I’ve had this engine now going on two seasons. It has always had and has starting issues. It starts immediately and runs for about 30 sec and either dies or falters. If it falters, it will soon take off and all is well. If it dies, it will start immediately and all is well. The whole fuel...
  14. Mark Maulden

    Defender’s new program

    Received an email from Defender outlining their new Defender 1st program. Instead of a product once/week, it’s many products spread over the week. If you’re a member, you are auto enrolled for the first year for free. After that, it’s $50/yr to receive the “discounts”..I don’t think so..
  15. Mark Maulden

    Drive in boat wash we are in Sydney BC for a few days and saw this. Wonder how it does with the barnies..Going to inquire tomorrow morn and ask cost etc. i don’t need it now but the concept is interesting.
  16. Mark Maulden

    Charging batts

    So, I have an idea about battery charging..I am at the boat several times/wk doing various things and sometimes just enjoying a beer (or three)..My shore power charger is a 60a sterling Pro whatever bought from Maine. Batts are 6V FLA. Whenever I am at the boat, I’m starting to turn the...
  17. Mark Maulden

    My new saildrive

    This is a thread that continues from a thread in Engines titled “air leak” that morphed into my saildrive issues. I repowered a yr ago along with a new saildrive both from Beta. The new saildrive has been puking ATF out the top breather vent. Beta sent a supposed fix that involved top plate...
  18. Mark Maulden

    Strange engine part phenomenon

    This an engine thing but I decided to post here. Most of you might remember that I ditched my Volvo MD17 a year ago and replaced with a Beta. When I did that, I saved a lot of the Volvo stuff to sell on CL or ebay. So, a lot of the Volvo stuff resided in boxes in my shop and garage for the...
  19. Mark Maulden

    Another air leak thread

    Been having an issue with the first season of my new Beta 35. It starts up so quick, you can’t push the button fast enough. Runs for 15-20 sec and it either stutters/recovers or it dies. Quick push of the starter button and it starts and is good for the rest of the day or trip. If used every...
  20. Mark Maulden

    Sterling pro ultra question

    I have a custom profile for FLA bats in the CE mode. If I switch to PS mode, will I have to reconstruct the custom profile? Sterling, so far, has no idea..