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  1. Clark

    170 Under Main Only

    Curious how this model behaves using just the main. Reduced performance makes sense but how is "helm" affected?
  2. Clark

    Portsmouth Tables Access

    Is it now a requirement to be a USS member to see the handicap tables? I could swear that a few years ago, I could review handicaps for giggles or to help with race management without jumping through hoops or paying $$$. TIA . . . . Clark
  3. Clark

    Any new owners of the recent Hunter 22?

    Just curious to learn what people think of the new model. I like that Hunter went back to FRP but thought they could have changed the mast arrangement. Looks like it would be tough to seal if you keep the mast up.
  4. Clark

    Sailboat converted to . . . trawler?

    Was daydreaming (about boats of course) at lunch and had a strange idea. Has anyone seen or actually converted an older medium sized sailboat and removed the spars and rigging; just to use as a power boat? I suppose one with damaged spars would make for a cheaper example. Top speeds would be...
  5. Clark

    Spinnaker Sheet Control Decision

    A little background info first. I have a Hunter 280 that I enjoy flying an A-kite on occasion. There are no coaming winches but there is a place reserved for them. In the past, I've run the sheets for the kite through blocks at the stern then forward to the existing winches on the cabin top...
  6. Clark

    Off the wall question re: inmast furlers . . .

    It's a slow hump day so here goes: Does anyone have a clue how much it might cost to convert to inmast furling for a mid-sized boat (Hunter 280)? I have a pretty good idea of what would need to be replaced but no idea of costs.
  7. Clark

    Window Repair Revisited

    The sealant for the port side acrylic window on our 280 is failing and I'm beginning to plan for removing and replacing the window. I've done quite a bit of reasearch on this job; especially on this website and gathered a lot of good information. However, there are some gaps in what I've been...
  8. Clark

    Stem Fitting Sealant

    Rascal, my Capri 22 got into an argument with a Hunter 28.5 and lost. I have to replace the stem fitting since the mangled pulpit also distorted the female downtube socket for the pulpit. What sealant is recommended for this? I've considered butyl tape but wasn't sure if the complex shape would...
  9. Clark

    New (and missing) Catalinas

    Was browsing the Catalina site and noticed a couple of things. The venerable Catalina 22 Mk II is not listed! I presume the only ones in that range available now are the Capri 22 and 22 Sport. Also, there is a new 315 and no 320 - I guess the 315 is taking the 320's place. Anyone know the...
  10. Clark

    Jib Weight and Performance

    In the vein of the previous post; what advantages are there in having an ultra-light #1 genoa over a 'normal' one? Something like a 1.5 - 2.2 oz nylon vs a 4-4.5 oz dacron? The idea is to improve light wind sailing (3 - 5 knots true).
  11. Clark

    Trimming sails for downwind (confirmation)

    I've read several threads here and am trying to tie them together in a way I understand. Here's the scenario (disregard jib for now): The course is a W/L; wind is out of the North (0*) and the leeward pin is due South (180*). I've made my turn around the windward mark and head off at 225* (45*...
  12. Clark

    Which "One Sail" would you select?

    I'm in the process of converting from a CDI furler to hank-on sails on our Capri 22 TR/FK. We race the boat in our club events and we are NOT hotshots by any means. I've found that too many times, I needed to select a different sail for a race and the CDI just isn't conducive to that (in fact...
  13. Clark

    Hard starting (sorta) 2GM20F . . .

    Engine hadn't been used for a few weeks and last weekend the Admiral and I finally made some time for a weekend sail. Temps were mild (maybe 65 degrees) and it took several tries to get her going. When it finally caught, it sounded like it started on one cylinder then the other caught within a...
  14. Clark

    Engine Top Speed Changed. Ideas Please.

    A little background. I recently changed our prop - a folding 2 blade - to a Campbell Sailor 3-blade; 14x8. Goodness, it feels like a different boat (well, I guess it is sorta). 20GM20F by the way. Very smooth and with a lot more bite in reverse but here's the issue. While taking the new prop...
  15. Clark

    Primary + Secondary Fuel Filter Change Results

    Firest, I'd like to thank those who have posted advice on this forum about the changeout process. GREAT and usefull information! I had noticed a mild stumble recently and decided it was time I changed the filters. Our 280 engine systems are lightly used even though we take her out 20+ times a...
  16. Clark

    Pumping too long?

    We have a Raritan manual head - PHC I think. Is there a danger in leaving the pumpout nozzle connected to the deck fitting too long? Just wondered if 'sucking' too long can damage the head.
  17. Clark

    Yanmar Fuel Filter Removal . . .

    For those who have replaced their secondary filter, which way does the ring turn to loosen? I hope to replace ours this weekend . . . . My apologies. I found the info online . . It appears from the diagram that the threads are on the body of the filter housing - not the bowl and that the...
  18. Clark

    A mini review of a Campbell Sailor 3-blade prop

    A mini review of a Campbell Sailor 3-blade prop - UPDATED I had been running a Martec geared folder on our 1996 Hunter 280 since we bought the boat 4 years ago. The prop did what it was designed to do with the limitations exhibited by a folding 2-blade: poor reverse, unpleasant vibrations and...
  19. Clark

    Has anyone improved jib sheet "cleating"?

    We have a 1996 280 and there are some jam (V) cleats for the sheets to be used until the wind strength forces the use on the cabin-top winches. My problem is the jam cleats won't hold very much anymore. My sheets are a few years old so will that reduce the cleats ability to hold? Has anyone...
  20. Clark

    Campbell prop sailing performance; IOW Drag?

    I got tired of the vibration and lack of reverse in our existing prop so I've ordered a Campbell Sailor prop for our 1996 model 280 (2GM20F). I've had a 2-blade folder since we got the boat so I have no experience with a fixed prop and would like feedback on sailing performance from those who...