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  1. jon hansen

    fastnet race

  2. jon hansen

    oh. to be 25 again!

    i like this kid. sam. he is half way to bermuda today on his way to europe for this summer. he readied an old cheap boat and is sailing the globe
  3. jon hansen


    big spring weather event coming in, strong easterlies winding up, lots of rain due over the lower lakes, it's been very dry, shore line alerts as the water is piling up, temps dropping 50 degrees ish. very exciting feel outside, duck! :cool:
  4. jon hansen

    what's that under the keel?

  5. jon hansen

    real sailboats
  6. jon hansen

    fog scares me!

    what are the proper sound signals when sailing? what are the proper sound signals when motoring?
  7. jon hansen

    while rolling the coast easy to prepare ***** to keep the crew working hard ;)
  8. jon hansen

    the new designs are way better ...........

    sell your old boat, start fresh ........................... ;)
  9. jon hansen

    now free to watch

  10. jon hansen

    NW passage

  11. jon hansen

    can you splice like the pros?

  12. jon hansen

    dried up lake bed/ rover II is the web page for the roverII. landing today watch it live, in about 2 hrs
  13. jon hansen

    do you like a good lube job?

    "every thing is doable with proper lubrication" it's a great lesson in life! how often do yawl lube your winches? prolly not often enough. just saying. just one of many videos available
  14. jon hansen

    halmatic / alden / hulls

    does anyone know what resins were used the build these boats. epoxy or polyester? i don't have a clue what was used then.
  15. jon hansen

    it's a big sky

    anybody seen UFO's or just really rare sightings? :yikes: :cool: :)
  16. jon hansen

    december 5th, 1872

    this was the day the Mary Celeste was found.
  17. jon hansen

    pleasing to the eye

  18. jon hansen

    do you sail in the fog?

    i hate fog, scares me