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  1. quadrille38

    Mattress source

    We are contemplating replacing the mattress in the aft cabin of our Hunter 38. The mattress is 10 years old now and isn't as comfortable as it once was. Does anyone have a source for a replacement mattress that they'd recommend? One option we are considering is one of the local shops...
  2. quadrille38

    Teak Grate for Head Hunter 38

    On our 2008 Hunter 38, the head has two rooms. One contains the head / shower and has a teak grate on the floor. The other room has the sink and has a fiberglass floor. My wife would like a teak grate in this room to match the one in the shower area. I got a quote from a local guy who does...
  3. quadrille38

    Fuel filter relocation on Hunter 38

    After one time of standing on my head to change the fuel filter on my 2008 38, I talked to the yard mechanic. He said that on another 38 they serviced they found it easier to remove the air filter, then detach the fuel filter from the wall and pull it out for servicing. Since there was enough...
  4. quadrille38

    Forum question not a boat question

    With the update that was just pushed out this week something has happened and the site no longer works on my iPad. iPhone is OK. Buttons don't work, can't log in. Please fix these glitches
  5. quadrille38

    Uneven trim

    Have a bit of an unusual question. Our 2008 Hunter 38 has two pieces of the interior trim that do not line up. Thinking that some twisting of the wood has occurred. Looking for any suggestions on how to bring the pieces back in to alignment. It's not huge, but it is one those things that...
  6. quadrille38

    Interesting Autopilot experience on Hunter 38

    Day 1 of a 2 week vacation. Motor sailing north on Lake Michigan. Everything going fine when suddenly boat veers to port and the off course alarm on the autopilot sounds. Put on standby and correct course. Start looking for the problem. Do several diagnostic tests and still no luck. Call...
  7. quadrille38

    PYI Max prop on Hunter 38

    Contemplating replacing the fixed blade prop on our 2008 38 to a max prop. Can't get to the boat o check right now, but wondering if anyone knows the what prop size is on the 38?
  8. quadrille38

    Hunter 38 high water bilge pump

    Our 2008 Hunter 38 came wired with a bilge high water alarm. In looking through the owners manual I see there was a factory option for a second bilge pump that would serve as a high water emergency pump. This is in addition to the manual pump. As I've crawled through the boat getting...
  9. quadrille38

    Navigation Systems - Ipad?

    I've been contemplating getting a chart plotter to add to my Raymarine system. As I look at the cost of those systems, I have begun to wonder if an ipad running iNavx would do the job for a lot less cost. I've been reading lots of postings and pros seem to be much lower cost, ability to...
  10. quadrille38

    Lewmar Portlight Screens

    Yes one of those wonderfully designed Lewmar port light screens caught the wind and decided to take flight. One bounce and in the water to sink very quickly. I took down the number eteched in the glass but when I got home and searched the web I found that it apparently means nothing to...
  11. quadrille38

    Add a gas strut to Lazarette seat

    I have a Hunter 38 we acquired new last year. Have found that the cockpit lazarette lid is extremely large and heavy. Find the bungi chord approach less that satisfactory. Because of the shape of the hatch lid and how far it opens, I'm not quite sure exactly how to install the struts. Does...