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  1. Clark

    170 Under Main Only

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. It made for some good discussion. As it turns out, I passed on the 170. It was neglected too long and there were too many issues to address. I'm still looking around for a similar size.
  2. Clark

    170 Under Main Only

    Thanks Joe. I've been admiring catboats for a long time and would love to have a Sanderling. Alas, price and availability makes that a nogo, even for the ComPac versions. I guess I've been overly concerned. I had an American 18 a number of years ago and found it to be plenty stable enough and...
  3. Clark

    170 Under Main Only

    Thanks! I anticipated all those factors and for me, are the pluses I'm looking for. With that said, IF doing that had a strong adverse affect on helm, it might very well be a show stopper. How(?) you may ask. There is a good chance that I can buy a 170 for an excellent price and one factor in...
  4. Clark

    170 Under Main Only

    Curious how this model behaves using just the main. Reduced performance makes sense but how is "helm" affected?
  5. Clark

    Portsmouth Tables Access

    Is it now a requirement to be a USS member to see the handicap tables? I could swear that a few years ago, I could review handicaps for giggles or to help with race management without jumping through hoops or paying $$$. TIA . . . . Clark
  6. Clark

    Power issues

    Do you have AC outlets? You should, and that would be my next test for power while connected to shore. Just make sure your main AC breaker is on and your Outlet breaker is on. That your battery charger is working indicates you're getting power to some of your devices. Unfortunately, dealers...
  7. Clark

    Throttle problem, H280

    I have the same boat and engine as you and have the same issue. I've gotten used to this quirk and find I rarely miss that range. Mine does hold at 2750 so that helps. I think it is a tension issue. Check the clamps at both ends of the throttle cable.
  8. Clark

    Any new owners of the recent Hunter 22?

    We keep our 280 at a marina just North of Guntersville. Used to be called The Anchorage but changed hands several years ago and is now called The Lake Guntersville Resort and Marina. I think the stuff on Hunters web site on the 22 is really nice. I'm always looking to upgrade from my old...
  9. Clark

    Any new owners of the recent Hunter 22?

    Just curious to learn what people think of the new model. I like that Hunter went back to FRP but thought they could have changed the mast arrangement. Looks like it would be tough to seal if you keep the mast up.
  10. Clark

    type of main sail question

    I have two boats with loose-footed mains. I really like them because you can easily adjust the draft depth for wind speeds (light air vs heavy) or point-of-sail (beat vs run).
  11. Clark

    broken window

    No worries HMT2; I just didn't want the OP to get confused about what to do to address his window issue.
  12. Clark

    broken window

    Please note . . . he has a 280 (as do I) . . . the windshield and side windows do NOT have frames.
  13. Clark

    Sailboat converted to . . . trawler?

    Well, there's thinking outside the box then there's bizzaro world . . . .
  14. Clark

    Sailboat converted to . . . trawler?

    Great input guys! Idea is not as far fetched as I assumed.
  15. Clark

    Sailboat converted to . . . trawler?

    Are you talking about roll or pitch? The better candidates I saw had longer, more shallow keels. I do recall older power boats having a short riding sail - was that to dampen roll motion?
  16. Clark

    Sailboat converted to . . . trawler?

    Was daydreaming (about boats of course) at lunch and had a strange idea. Has anyone seen or actually converted an older medium sized sailboat and removed the spars and rigging; just to use as a power boat? I suppose one with damaged spars would make for a cheaper example. Top speeds would be...
  17. Clark

    Main / Jib Halyard Spec. According to Maual

    Can't speak to the length needed but decent 5/16" is plenty strong enough for cruising. For racing I'd suggest a high-tech 1/4" main halyard. Weighs less, runs through sheaves easier and has less stretch.
  18. Clark

    Atomic 4 replaced by Volvo MD6A diesel?

    Another point of reference. A friend has a Cherubini Hunter 27 (7000 lb) with a single cyl diesel. We are on an inland lake/river so conditions are generally pretty tame. His single is IMHO inadequate. If I were to go through the trouble of converting to diesel (remember, you'll have to drain...
  19. Clark

    Fall sailing ROCKS

    It's true here in Alabama too. We've had some gorgeous days the last few weeks . . lo/mid 70's; robins egg blue skies and winds ranging from 8 - 12.
  20. Clark

    Sail Care

    I've used Sailcare and they do an outstanding job of cleaning and re-resining. With that said, I second the opinion to just use an inexpensive cleaner if you plan to get new ones in a year. IIRC, it was over $400 to do my main and jib on a Cal 25.