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  1. jleblanc31

    El nino in your boat

    Unfortunately I cant stay on my boat yet and it has its own El nino going on inside wile im gone . it sweats and the perspiration slides down the walls and drips from the celling. I just ordered two solar vents and I have dried the bilge all the way so water is not evaporating and getting...
  2. jleblanc31

    The river runs through me

    I slept on the boat this weekend with my two youngest boys . it took a little getting use to with the wave motion to fall asleep. nun the less I fell asleep I'm on the 1/4 berth my boys are on the berth across from me. Im in a deep sleep and feel something touch my elbow I jump up and its dark...
  3. jleblanc31

    list over let me clean your bottom

    So I was thinking of a way to clean the bottom of my boat with out hauling it out. cant I gust attach a halyard to a mooring and lean the boat over to pressure wash the hull? has any one tried this and how did it work for you .
  4. jleblanc31

    New rule NO soles on my sole

    I feel so bad for my mom now. So im cleaning the new to me Ranger 33 and im half way through the boat and my boys come in from fishing out side . they walk right on the clean floor and what do you know shoe prints everywhere . Probably didn't help spilling water in the cock pit and letting them...
  5. jleblanc31

    My Grand Adventure with Philter

    I had started this thread in the ask a Hunter owner because I was originally getting a Hunter. But I was on craigs list and came across a boat that was a little less work and in a slip. the marina has a pool so my kids will not be board when im working on the boat and there is a boat show in the...
  6. jleblanc31

    Possible new owner 33 Ranger

    Im about to buy a Ranger 33 anything Ranger specific I should look for . im getting the boat fairly cheap so Its not in the best of shape but it is floating has sails and motor runs. Has a soft spot in the very front of the deck but I can fix that .and how is the Ranger community.
  7. jleblanc31

    Just watched Abandoned

    I just got finished watching the Movie Abandoned and something one of the guys said got me thinking. After the the boat had capsized one of the guys said to rig the sails up and the captain said you cant sail the boat upside down. I say why not. it might not be very efficient but why will this...
  8. jleblanc31

    Battery banks

    How big is your battery bank 1, 2,3 could you use one more ? (that's what she said!) LOL Im new to solar power and would like to do my restoration on my Hunter30 Philter entirely on solar power. 1. just to see if I can 2. To get use to solar power and 3. Once im living on Philter I should...
  9. jleblanc31

    Boat renaming insperation

    Ive read post after post on renaming the boat im getting, seen numerous videos. but has any one read any books that had a renaming ceremony in it ? im thinking a good fiction book
  10. jleblanc31

    gelcoat or paint

    I ve decided to paint Philter when I get her white is boring . the bottom and above the water line need a lot of work to get ready for paint my question is. above the water line Do I need to regelcoat than paint or just paint on what ever is there same for the bottom I know I need anti fouling...
  11. jleblanc31

    My Grand Adventure With Philter

    I said I was going to start this thread when I picked up the boat but I am working on boat stuff to get it to my house like fixing the trailer, so I figured I would start the thread sooner. trailers are right around 2500-6000 depending on ware you go and if its used or new. I picked up on a...
  12. jleblanc31

    How heavy is a H30 cherubini

    I need to trailer a h30 about 18 miles how heavy is it .
  13. jleblanc31

    how much does a hunter weigh

    So Sailboat data says the ballast is 4100 lbs displacement is 9700 lbs is the displacement the the weight or water weight it has to move. I may be getting a 1980 30 footer and if the deal goes through on one of my toys im selling to get the boat I will be building a trailer for it.
  14. jleblanc31

    Sail boat junk yard

    Is there any sailboat junk yards I know most are called salvage yards. but I haven't heard anyone speak of a salvage yard where you can buy used parts. like an auto junk yard.
  15. jleblanc31

    How do I know what boat im buying.

    Im looking at a hunter to buy. its a basket case but I like a challenge. it seems to be around a 29-30 footer owner says it is a shallow draft Calabrese design I have some of the hull number is there a way to tell from it. Or a web site I can break down the hull number like a vin.
  16. jleblanc31

    Hot rod sailboat

    So I have an opportunity to get a sailboat but it needs a motor. I was going to fit it with a Chevy v8 ( In the voice of Tim Allen) Aur Aur Aur ! My question is how often do you see Gas pumps at the dock vrs diesel. Around my area it s not hard to find gas at the dock. but how about up the...
  17. jleblanc31

    Is your V small

    So im going to be a live aboard someday and have had visions of sleeping in the v berth . but every boat I look at has small v berths. do they just look small because of the v shape, are you not suppose to sleep up front , is it not as comfortable so they don't make them longer or what's the...
  18. jleblanc31

    How would a 29 morgan be for a live aboard

    Its listed as a 29 but I believe its a 28.5 or something like that. Is anyone on here a live aboard on one. or have any experience with a 29 Morgan. It will just be me and a friend every once and a wile. here is a pic.
  19. jleblanc31

    How is a S2 for a live aboard

    So I saw a 26 ' S2 in a boat yard went in and asked if it was for sale the guy said yes around 3000 but the owner would probably take half that. would this boat be good for a live aboard boat. Just me and who ever I may be with when I decide to make the switch. it is on a trailer now and will...
  20. jleblanc31

    Almost free boat

    I have a chance to get a 1971 Morgan 27 almost free it needs work but its in the water and is floating. I have some of the things I will need for it . but my question is . is this a good boat. Im single and would like to live on it for at least 2 years or more. is there anyone here living on...