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  1. MySong

    Ring handle for hunter rear deck compartment

    I have a 1994 Hunter26 and the handle on the gas tank storage compartment has been missing since the day I bought the boat. I have looked over and cannot find anything that will fit. I am hoping to find something flush that won't catch on bare feet. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. MySong

    Cracked motor mount on Hunter 26

    The plate that my motor mounts on is badly cracked and I need to make or buy a new one. Complicating this is my boat is already in the water with the motor mounted on it. Any suggestions? Also would appreciate if anyone has templates or measurements.
  3. MySong

    Hunter 26 leaking water into cabin light

    My main cabin light is full of water. I went to the coachroof and my mast wiring plug is lose at the base. Looks like one of the screws is missing and it was knocked loose by my boom vang moving. I can't change the angle of my boom vang because all of the points are riveted into the boom. Are...
  4. MySong

    Does my H26 main sheet need this much rope?

    The pic below is with my boom swung out until it is against my Hunter 26's spreader bars. Even then I have a ton of rope lying in the cockpit. Do I really need all of this rope? Can I cut some of the excess off?
  5. MySong

    What is wrong with my sail?

    Have a Hunter 26 and my sail looks off, I am not sure why though. I have raised it to the point the winch won't crank anymore but it seems like it isn't catching wind well. The pics below were sailing in 10-14k wind Have only had my H26 for a few months and the sailing season was short here so...
  6. MySong

    Repairing or Replacing Origo alcohol atove

    Have a Hunter 26 with the original Origo stove. In the past few weeks am getting very little flame. It is taking 3 times as long as before to boil water. -Yes I know you can't see much alcohol flame but it really doesn't get as hot as before - I did refill the pots with denatured alcohol, that...
  7. MySong

    Hunter 26 toilet

    I have a 1994 Hunter 26. The toilet is a Camco model, looks on the small side and maybe the original but not sure. we are looking at upgrading to a larger toilet so we don't have to empty it as often. When we have four people on the boat it fills pretty fast. I'm looking at buying a larger Camp...
  8. MySong

    Backing a Hunter 26 into its slip

    I often take friends out on my Hunter 26. Everyone complains about how hard it is to climb off the dock and over the high side. I have two disabled friends that are not be able to climb over that side at all. I have backed into the dock before but then it was pointed out that if I leave my boat...
  9. MySong

    Replacing Bilge pump on Hunter 26

    As far as I can tell my bilge pump is the original 26 year old bilge on my H26. When testing it the water foamed like it had soap in it. Any idea why? I decided it is a cheap easy thing to replace and will. Any suggestions on a specific brand or model? Also it looks like I can just unscrew it...
  10. MySong

    Installing solar vent on H26

    I want to install this vent Solar vent I have a Hunter 26 and don't like the idea of cutting through the roof. My best option so far is to install it through the front hatch which is really just an easily replaceable piece of acrylic. The vent has a mounting depth of 2.75 inches. The hatch is...
  11. MySong

    Water spigot for gallon milk jugs

    I am looking for a water spigot that would fit on a 1 gallon jug. I tried the ones that come with the regular freshwater bladders and they're just about 1/8 of an inch too big so they won't stay on. If anyone has any ideas it would be really appreciated. below is an example of what I'm trying...
  12. MySong

    Hunter 26 H26 table size

    Does anyone know the size or measurements of the horseshoe table in the Hunter26 cabin?
  13. MySong

    Broken Divider between the sheaves

    The plastic divider that went between the sheaves is broken. It is my understanding to replace it I to first find one, then remove the 3M 5200, pull the Pin out and then after putting in the new divider, reverse the process. Has anyone had to do this before? Any ideas for a quick fix until I...
  14. MySong

    Hunter 26 with a Stern Crack

    1993 Hunter 26 with cracks in stern (pictures below). The top part of the crack is definitely into the fiberglass. The rest of boat is immaculate. Interior and exterior is very clean. Cushions are newer and have been well taken care of. No smell or mildew which is unusual for Midwest boat that's...
  15. MySong

    WTB - San Juan 21 Motor Bracket

    I have an SJ21 that was rigged for racing and no longer has the motor bracket. The bolts are a slight V pattern so I haven't been able to find an universal that will attach more than two bolts at a time. Any idea where I could get a replacement motor mount? Links are appreciated