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  1. philiefay

    Hunter 260 Engine Mount Fiberglass Cracks

    I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to resolve the issue I am having. I have a Mercury 9.9HP mounted on the H260 mount. and noticed a hairline crack that has grown on my past 3 day trip. At one point the tilt ratchet on the outboard was not clicked in properly and once I started...
  2. philiefay

    Hunter 260 Mooring Challenges

    I purchased this tender on amazon to access the boat on the mooring. I decided the inflatable floor version was more practical than the aluminum slats. Quality is great: BRIS 8.2 Ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Pontoon Dinghy Raft Tender Boat with Air-Deck Floor...
  3. philiefay

    Centerboard removal issue

    Did you get this issue resolved Rolf?
  4. philiefay

    Cabin wood insert removal Hunter 26

    The problem with the floor was that it was really dry and started to peel, wood started to separate. This is how my floor turned out. I used a marine varnish, pretty high VOC but it completely seals the wood to prevent moisture getting under it. These where the steps AFTER sanding which took...
  5. philiefay

    H260 Centerboard Lift Line/ Rigging

    Thanks for the photo rgranger. Southern Crux. My existing knots are all half hitches as attached... in the process or replacing that line also!
  6. philiefay

    H260 Centerboard Lift Line/ Rigging

    I recently replaced the lift line to the centerboard. I found the most difficult part of the whole process was getting the knot hidden into the recess within the centerboard. (A mallet and large punch sorted that out) On deck I am not 100% sure how the rigging is completed. In fact, I am yet to...
  7. philiefay

    Cabin wood insert removal Hunter 26

    My floor is wood and I sanded mine down. Tried peeling it up but it was too difficult. I am planning to finish it with a marine varnish and adding some anti slip silica to the varnish. Will post photos once done later this week.
  8. philiefay

    Hunter 260 "Wide Load" Permit requirement

    I towed a H260 on its original trailer from OK - CA. Added new tires to the trailer before setting off and balanced them. I towed it with a V8 F150 2005. Chowed the gas but it was worth it. I took a sleeping bag/ pillow and slept in the boat. Did'nt need any permit.
  9. philiefay

    Lifting Points

    Just wanted to give an update on lifting the H260 off the trailer. . Here in Tahoe the marinas don't seem interested in lifting without charging an arm and three legs so I needed a way to do it safely so I could spend some time on the hull.. I lifted this off myself today. After thinking about...
  10. philiefay

    Hunter 260 - Big Problems - Water Ballast?

    In response to removing the plug completely, this can be done on the trailer. The center running board on the trailer (under the centerboard) should not be supporting any significant weight. If it is, you can run a ratchet strap around the entire boat to pull the board up off the trailer running...
  11. philiefay

    Lifting Points

    Mr Dave, Thanks. Yes, I already suggested that, its been out the water 6 weeks and they are having none of it. They want to test the DNA or whatever of the dead mussels so they can advise the prior body of water in OK that they have issues. I was actually considering removing the rear axle of...
  12. philiefay

    Lifting Points

    Thanks John. I had the boat inspected for Tahoe yesterday. 5hrs later they told me they found 3 zebra mussels and fish and game dept is now involved. I got a call this morning from them that the board needs to be removed so they can inspect inside the housing. So, based on your response, as...
  13. philiefay

    Lifting Points

    I read through Rgrangers PDF. Very helpful and thanks for this information, my only question is how high off the ground does the boat need to be in order to get the centerboard out?
  14. philiefay

    Height of mast when on trailer?

    As Dave said, I added blocks of wood horizontally across the bow pulpit, this lowered the angle so I could get inside a 12ft roll up door. The air draft is about 12ft 4 inches prior to doing this. You could also cut some length of the vertical support for the stern cradle I think but I did'nt...