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  1. Marybeth and Rip

    What to leave aboard for the winter

    We take everything off the boat. It is like a Spring cleaning except in the Fall. We refurbish stuff over the winter and re-evaluate what we really need on the boat. PLUS, last Spring our boat was broken into along with half a dozen other boats at Southwind Marine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We...
  2. Marybeth and Rip

    Compression post and step measurements needed

    Compression Post I have a 1987 Hunter 31 so I can't give you measurements. However, I can tell you what we did. Our compression post was just two 2" by 4"s covered with teak veneer. We loosened our mast stays a little to take the pressure off the mast step. Then we jacked up the cabin top...
  3. Marybeth and Rip

    Hunter 31 line attaching the end of boom to top of mast

    We have a boom vang but we also use a Boomkicker(R), made of two flexible fiberglass wands that hold the boom up in place of a topping lift.
  4. Marybeth and Rip

    Can someone identify this piece and explains its use?

    Traveler? or red thing with the fin? If you are talking about the bar with the pulleys on it, that is the traveler and you run the Mainsail sheet down to it to control the boom. There should be another multi-purchase line with pulleys on each end to attach to the bottom of the boom. That is...
  5. Marybeth and Rip

    Compression Post

    We replaced the compression post in our 1987 Hunter 31 last year. We used an Ironwood post, hard as steel, no rot. Also did it with mast up.
  6. Marybeth and Rip

    Pros and Cons of 1985 H31

    We have a 1987 Hunter 31 which we have sailed on Lake Michigan since 1999. We love it. We have replaced the compression post. We re-bedded the water tank. We have re-bedded all of the opening ports. The boat looks like brand new. Engine runs great. We do a two week cruise somewhere on Lake...
  7. Marybeth and Rip

    what kind of steering does Hunter sailboats use?

    Thanks for the info I appreciate the responses. It is exactly what I needed to know.
  8. Marybeth and Rip

    what kind of steering does Hunter sailboats use?

    Specifically, 1987 Hunter 31 I am interested in the Lewmar folding wheel and they have two kinds. One for Lewmar/Whitlock wheels with a tapered hub and an Edson type with a parallel hub. Does anyone know what kind of steering Hunter sailboats used? Thanks, Rip
  9. Marybeth and Rip

    Attending Strictly Sail Chicago 2013 - any pointers?

    The Lake Michigan Hunter Sailing Association members will be getting together for dinner after the show on Saturday evening. We always have a great time. You can get info at the LMHSA table at the Hunter booth. Members take turns manning the booth during the show. My wife and I have spent three...
  10. Marybeth and Rip

    Replacement Port Windows on H31 1984

    We bought ours from the HunterOwners store several years ago (6 ? maybe). They were the exact replacements for the ones that came on the boat. We have a 1987 Hunter 31. I think they were Beckson ports. They are plastic but ours lasted 20 years and we replaced them for esthetic reasons, not...
  11. Marybeth and Rip

    We need your aluminum stanchion base

    Does anyone still make or carry the stanchions for the 1987 Hunter 31s? I think the 34s used the same stanchions. Here are photos of a stanchion. What is unique about this stanchion is that it tapers and has a bolt hole in the bottom to attach to the metal rail around the edge of the...
  12. Marybeth and Rip

    Can a 31' Hunter ocean cruise

    Hunter 31 ocean cruising Back in the dark ages of 1966 to 1972, we crossed from Florida (Boca Raton) to the Bahamas quite a few times in a 25' wooden Bahama sloop with a one cylinder diesel engine. I now own a 1987 Hunter 31. It is a much stronger boat.
  13. Marybeth and Rip

    Cradle Measurements Hunter 306

    Hunter 31 cradle measurements Hi, I went down to the cradle and took some measurements. The Base is made out of 4” by 1 5/8” C beams. It measures 63 ½” wide by 12’ long. 66“ between stern tube and mid post. Stern tubes and mid tubes are vertical. Stern tubes and mid tubes are 26 ¾”...
  14. Marybeth and Rip

    31H info

    Just sent BobMorning the manual Just sent BobMorning the manual
  15. Marybeth and Rip

    1987 31' Hunter

    Hi, We have a 1987 Hunter 31 with the U shaped dinette. We often have a solon-full of people for drinks and snacks. Our dinette is ideal for that. The galley is set up great for serving to the dinette. We never overnight (or two) with more than one other couple and only go on extended cruises...
  16. Marybeth and Rip

    Owners Manuals

    I have the 31 manual in computer jpegs - 46 pages Send me your email address if you want me to send it to you. Rip Update: We sent out two copies of the manual for the Hunter 31. Please let us know if you did not receive it.
  17. Marybeth and Rip

    Charge Light on all the time when engine running

    While on a two week cruise, the Charge Light on our Yanmar engine panel came on and has been on ever since when the engine is running and the key is on. We checked the output of the alternator, the IC regulator and the isolating diode. All are okay. We checked for AC output on the DC circuit...
  18. Marybeth and Rip

    Hunter 31 Owners Manual

    Hunter 31 Manual I have a manual scanned to 46 pages. I attached the Cover. It is 3.3 megs total. If you want a copy, send me your email address. Marybeth & Rip
  19. Marybeth and Rip

    Winter Boat Cover for Hunter 31

    We bought ours for $1600 last February at Strictly Sail in Chicago from The Canvas Store. He took our photos and measurements for the bimini on our 1987 Hunter 31 and it fit beautifully. Our marina raised shrink-wrapping to $700.
  20. Marybeth and Rip

    How To Post Photos & Effective Use of Links

    Great Explanation Thanks but I still could not get a photo to Upload from my computer. I use IrfanView. I shrank it to 426x280 pixels, 19.8 kb size, and 72 ppi resolution. I still get the "errors on upload" message. Maybe the Forum rejects photos from non-Babes. Rip :)