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  1. Gregg9020

    Looking for a 260 in Calif

    Hello all!! I am currently a Macgreggor owner, but I am looking to move up to the next level of trailer sailers, and I am really intrugued about the 260. First of all, how is the handling of the boat. THe Mac 25 can be a little tender, and is a little light for heavy winds and swells. I...
  2. Gregg9020

    Looking for a 260

    In California. Am I living a pipe dream?? I ccan't find one in Cali anywhere. I am deciding wether or not I want to spend the money right now. I know I want the 260, not the 26. I want the helm, and the stern perches. Does anyone out there know of a great deal on one, or are they...
  3. Gregg9020

    Tahoe Sailing

    A friend and I are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, and I am wondering what the weather is like in early September. We are pulling our boats up on Thursday morning and going to launch on the north shore. We have mouring balls to tie up to, but does anyone know what we can expect as far as the...
  4. Gregg9020

    Lake Mead

    I have seen a few posts of Lake Mead, and other lakes, and I want to know is the sailing worth pulling my boat 640+ miles to sail the lake? I am willing to spend a week or so down there, but is the sailing worth it? I can also go to Lake Tahoe, and sail, I know it doesn't have quite the...
  5. Gregg9020

    Polishing and replenishing

    We have a couple of older Venture 25's, one white hull, and the other is a light blue, the white one is pretty rough. I have read a little about this product called Pro Polish. It is made by Yachy Brite. Has anyone used this product? Or does anyone have a product that will take off a lot of...
  6. Gregg9020

    One winter project done

    Hey all... Well here it is Sunday night, and I am just getting around to posting a few pictures of what I ahve completed. Hope all of you like it and inspires you to tackle it. Just a quick summary of what I did, and to thank Walt in Denver. Your beer is waiting for you to come out and...
  7. Gregg9020

    Enclosing the Head

    Does anyone have any type of plan to enclose the head on an older Mac/Venture 25? Since I will be putting the boat away for the winter soon, I was thinking of doing some projects. I have another one, but I will post it on another thread. As for the head, I have bulkhead behind the dinette...
  8. Gregg9020

    Picture won't load

    Help Phil. I cannot seem to get anything to load. Thanks, Gregg:bang:
  9. Gregg9020


    I am looking to upgrade my fishfinder/depthfinder. If anyone is looking to get a good deal, I am willing to sell mine. It is a Matrix 17 big sreen, all parts included, and it is GPS compatable. I am looking for about 100.00 for the lot. Let me know..... I know we are not supposed to...
  10. Gregg9020

    I just got this, and I have to post it. It was a few weeks ago

    Macgregor Picture Page Keep It Going!! But I thought you all would like to see what it looks like to sail on San Francisco Bay. The weather looks bad, but it really improved as the day went on. I would like to think we could use this thread as a plae to show off your action sailing pictures...
  11. Gregg9020

    Fairing up swing keel on Venture 25 that is in NEED

    As the sailing seaon wraps up for 2008 (sometime after November) I will be looking at a huge project.... The swing keel on a 1976 Venture 25 needs to be cleaned up and smoothed out. I have figured out how we are going to get the boat lifted enough to drop the keel, but what I haven't figured...
  12. Gregg9020

    Getting ready for the first major curse of the season

    I thought y'all would love to see how kids pack for a 3 day cruise. The toys and the clothes are amazing!!!!! We have a 25 footer and we are gone for 3 days, and there is NO skimpy bathing suit for the wife..... We must be taking the kids. Take a look!!!!!!!
  13. Gregg9020

    Memorial Day Weekend Saining raft up

    We ... I am planning a weekend at ClearLake, Ca for Memorial Day weekend. I guess it is kind of a cuise/raftup!!!!! We are looking to get as many boats rafted up as possible in Clearlake. Here is the scoop: Friday May 23 or Saturday May 24 drop in (Launch) and sail all day in the largest...
  14. Gregg9020

    Memorial Day Sailing Trip!!!!!

    We ... I am planning a weekend at Clear Lake, Ca for Memorial Day weekend. I guess it is kind of a cuise/raftup!!!!! We are looking to get as many boats rafted up as possible in Clearlake. Here is the scoop: Friday May 23 or Saturday May 24 drop in (Launch) and sail all day in the largest...
  15. Gregg9020

    Putting gas struts for poptop

    I am getting ready to put some struts on the poptop. Where should I put them??? I know where, but what is the best location in relation to the Aluminmum supports. I am thinking parralell (SP) to the top and the bottom. I am looking for measurements from the existing mounts. Thanks to all...
  16. Gregg9020

    Poptop help

    Looking at the guides on my poptop the black clamps are either broken or missing and are being held by pipe strap. Where can I get the black clamps that fully enclose and attach to the poptop ceiling? Or what are they called. I can't find them anywhere. Thanks,
  17. Gregg9020

    Fixing the deck

    I have heard about this stuff called "Git Rot" Has anyone used it? I have found that I may have to use it. It seems that the wood under the tabernackle may be rotten. I have a screw that holds a bracket for the boom vang, and it goes through the deck, and it is letting water come in. Now I...
  18. Gregg9020

    Motor Oil and Fuel Filter

    I have a friend that has a late model Honda 9.9 hp motor, and he needs to perform an oil change and replace the fuel filter. When I looked in the motor, I didn't find a filter. Should I have found one? If not okay, but I need to know what weight oil to use in the motor, and approx. how much...
  19. Gregg9020

    Fixed Rudder

    I have a freind that has a pretty warped rudder and needs to know the dimensions of a fixed rudder. He thinks the two of us can build one for a lot less than the IdaSailor one, and might want to give it a try. I think we can do it without a lot of trouble. What I am looking for is: Overall...
  20. Gregg9020

    Thinking of upgrading in the future...

    I am thinking of upgrading to the new 26M. How does it handle??? Is it as fast as the 26 and 26's of yesterday? What about the stability? Is is tippy? Can it handle 3 -5 foot seas like my old 25? I want a stable sail, and I want to know what the cockpit will hold. We might have 5 poeple...