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  1. Sefuller

    Sta-lok question

    Looking to add a backstay tensioner and as I am looking at Sta-lok fittings I'm finding both 133-08-5/8 and 033-08-5/8 listed, both of which appear to be what I need, but I can't find anything that specifies the difference between the 033 and the 133. Anyone have that information?
  2. Sefuller

    Universal valve adjustment

    I adjusted the valves on our M50 yesterday and I guess I should have had this higher on the priority list of maintenance items! We've had the boat for 1 1/2 seasons and still have a number of projects to catch up on. I used a go/no go feeler gauge for the first time and it made this job really easy.
  3. Sefuller

    West Marine antifreeze

    Just finished winterizing my engine with West Marine premium Marine antifreeze rated to -60. This is a polypropylene glycol antifreeze and when I finished I tested some of the exhaust discharge with the antifreeze in the bottle to make sure what was in the system was full strength. According to...
  4. Sefuller

    Lewmar folding wheel problem - Solved!

    The tension balls the hold the wheel together when folded have lost their elasticity and I don't see replacements available anywhere. I took one off thinking I would replace the elastic, but it terminates in the ball and I don't believe the ball comes apart. Anyone have a solution.
  5. Sefuller

    Dodger woes

    We recently had well respected local canvas shop made a new dodger, tweaking our existing frame and when installed we could not open the overhead hatches in the rear cabins, and they added two additional tension straps when they told us initially they did not like straps and were going to...
  6. Sefuller

    Water pressure/volume problem

    Our new-to-us Oday 39 suffers from very poor water flow both in the galley and the head. Initially I replaced both faucets - a basic household Kohler faucet in the galley, and a Dura marine/rv faucet in the head. The pressure pump is an ITT-Jabsco Par belt drive pump (3.7 gpm) which I really...
  7. Sefuller

    Spar-Tite debacle

    Yesterday I poured a Spar-Tite mast wedge on our boat. I have used the product once before with great results. Yesterday's experience was not quite as great. Temps were in the upper 50s and I did all of my prep around the mast ahead of time. I have a pretty narrow space between the collar...
  8. Sefuller

    Sliding hatch runner material?

    I have purchased a new acrylic sliding hatch for our Oday 39. The original is 35 years old, and has slid on teak runners about 1/2" wide on each side. Over 35 years, dirt and dust on that interface has caused the acrylic to wear slightly and become less "slippery" where it slides on the...
  9. Sefuller

    7/8" hose fitting

    Our boat has 7/8" heater hose from the heat exchanger to the water heater. I need to replace them as I am installing a new water heater, and I am having difficulty finding 7/8" hose barb fittings. Ideally I'd like to go from 7/8" hose to 1/2" male npt, but I could come up with other solutions...
  10. Sefuller

    Wednesday is Photo Day!

    The single most annoying thing about our new-to-us O'Day 39 was the lack of a nav desk. This version came with an additional ice box and bank of drawers where the nav desk would be. When I hauled out last fall, I began the process to right this wrong. Project is pretty close to complete -...
  11. Sefuller

    Questions for 39 owners

    I noticed on haul out that our propshaft strut has some movement. I'm wondering how it is attached and what might need to be done to repair it? I'm also in the process of removing the ice box from the stand up nav station and would like to see some photos of the sit down nav station which is...
  12. Sefuller

    Balmar SG200 Problem

    On our new boat, our Balmar SG200 goes goes from 100% soc to less than 75% soc over the course of a few days with no electrical loads. When I run the engine (or plug in to shore power) it takes about 45 minutes to get to the mid 80% range, then suddenly it will go to 100%. Our boat is on a...
  13. Sefuller

    Faria instrument troubles

    I recently built a new instrument panel for our boat. I originally ordered VDO instruments, but didn't like that they used push connectors instead of screw connectors, so I returned them and got Faria Euro instruments instead. Now that I have used them for a couple of weeks I am finding I have...
  14. Sefuller

    Universal Diesel dipstick caution

    I recently ordered a new dipstick for our Universal M50. When comparing the new to the old I first thought I had been sent the wrong part, but closer inspection revealed that the rubber seal at the top of the old dipstick had moved from it's original location, giving a false oil level reading...
  15. Sefuller

    Blue Sea label help needed!

    Finishing up the electrical re-work on our new boat in preparation for delivery in the next two weeks. I have a new DC panel as well as a new Weatherdeck panel in the cockpit. I am in need of about a dozen labels that did not come with the included label sets, and a couple that I need are not...
  16. Sefuller

    Bottom paint question - Great Lakes

    Attached is a photo of the rudder on a boat we recently acquired, prior to disassembly for reconstruction. The boat is a 1984, and has always been in the Great Lakes. If you tear your eyes away from the badly delaminated skin and foam core for the moment, you can see that the top layer of...
  17. Sefuller

    New policies at West Marine

    A recent discussion talked about the severe curtailing of the WM price matching policy. I called WM earlier this week to order an item not on their website and when I mentioned it to the person I spoke with, she volunteered that not only are they curbing their price match policy, but they are...
  18. Sefuller

    Electrical upgrades in process

    Working on some electrical and aesthetic updates on our recent acquisition. At some point in it's history the boat had some minor damage to the starboard hull behind the nav station, and the nav station was unceremoniously hacked apart to facilitate a repair. Subsequent renovations to the nav...
  19. Sefuller

    Documentation question

    In the process of applying for documentation for a boat not previously documented. CG-1258, section M part 4 reads: THE VESSEL IS -NOT TITLED UNDER A STATE OR -TITLED UNDER THE LAWS OF ________________. I am unclear as to whether this is asking about the current situation or future...
  20. Sefuller

    Installing accessories over engine bay insulation

    First boat with insulation in the engine bay. Fuel filter, fuel pump and other miscellaneous items are mounted to the sides, through bolted to the aft cabins. I need to reconfigure the arrangement and add a few items - mostly buss bars - but don't want the aft cabins to look like swiss cheese...