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    Two banks, three batteries and new charger capable of charging three battery banks

    Old subject with many posts and threads. But the manufacturer does not provide any information. The #1 start battery is not a concern, the #2 house bank is two parallel group 31 with 210 Ah RC each for a total of 420 Ah. The manufacturer does spec a 120 - 300 Ah RC max per bank. The question...
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    What is this on my Keel?

    Had this spider cracking on my keel (about the middle on port side) for a couple of three, four seasons. It hasn't changed much, every spring I tell myself I'll look at it again and do something in fall after haul out. But spring comes and I scruff it up and slather it with VC 17 and splash...
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    m-25 over heating

    Engine started over heating the end of last season. Replaced hoses, impeller, fresh water pump, new coolant, and tstat. Everything except the exhaust mixing elbow, which was replaced s number of years ago. What do I need to do next??
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    Halyard Restrainers

    I have searched previous posts, and have found a lot of interesting information. Finally going to replace our Hood 810LD with a Harken Unit 1 cruising furler. The old system did not have a halyard restrainer, and the jib was always right up to the masthead. This allowed for the recommended 6 to...
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    Acrylic Port Lights

    Can anyone please offer some advice to removing and re-installing Acrylic Dead Lights ? I have seen a lot of different suggestions as to adhesives and sealants. All of which are very insightful and informative. Any ideas on how to remove an existing Port Light adhered on to the gel-coat? I am...
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    Sail Slide Dimension

    I'm talking with different sail-lofts for a new mainsail. One sail-maker wants to place the sail slides about 36" apart so the sail does not "bunch-up" on the boom and flake better. Sail-rite recommends that slide be placed 24" to 26". The existing sail now has slides at 26". Would slides at...
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    Loose footed main

    I know by searching the forum there are numerous thoughts on the subject of Loose footed mainsails. And new Catalina's now come with furling mains which are loose footed. Any thoughts out there pro or con, and why ??? I'm looking at having a new mainsail built, and the sail-maker is touting...
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    Removing Baby Stays during winter lay-up

    Any thoughts about removing the baby stays while on the hard during winter storage. It would make covering the boat a little easier. The fore, back and side stays should be more than adequate IMHO. However, interested in reading opinons from others. Or what you may have done around the area of...
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    Towing a dinghy

    Is a 10' 4" RIB to large to tow??? And how long of a painter/ bridle ??? 90 LBS of hard bottom RIB is to heavey to put on the deck even using the preventer and boom. Would anyone leave the motor on, or hang it on the stern pulpit??? The motor is a 3hp 2 stroke ( I know, way to small for the dink...
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    Dry Cleaning Curtains

    It's been a while since I had the curtains cleaned. So last issue this spring is to have them Dry Cleaned. The owners manual is adament that they be dry cleaned, the curtains are tagged DRY CLEAN ONLY. But my dry cleaner will not.... They claim the slides will melt. Obviously they did'nt years...
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    Jib/Genoa car plunger

    Looking to repair the jib car. The knob with ring broke off and the only way to slide the car is pulling the little bit of stem with a pliers. I see the plunger and spring listed in parts list for new cars, but I need the plunger for a car and track that's from 1987. Anyone know if this part is...
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    Location of chartplotter

    Installing a new gps chartplotter. Other then concerns about the need for an outside antenna. I'm considering installing it at the Nav station, and leaving the exsisting unit at the binnacle. I'd like to hear everyones thoughts....... I could "play" with the new unit while at the helm......
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    VC 17 compatible with Petite

    Just came back from West Marine, went there to buy VC 17 and was told that the Petite brand was compatible, cheaper, and contained 23% copper as opposed to the 17%. I've used the Interlux for years, but a bucks a buck. And I'm told some of the local yards are using the Petite with no...
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    Hood 707 SL 411

    Hey All, Still looking for info on the Hood 707 SL furler..... I would like to replace the Hood 810 LD, but I'm concerned if I'll be happy with the 707 SL. It looks too light weight.......But the price is right. Would appreciate any and all comments, Spring is now here and 45 days to splash...
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    Non-Skid Decks

    Last boat I used Kiwi Grip and it worked well... Before I go and "redo" my decks, Any thoughts about different products or what the best way to make the decks look good again????
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    What kind of Bottom Paint ?

    On my others boats, I've used VC 17 anti-fouling paint. The boat now the PO used VC 17. Is it possible to switch types or brands of bottom paint ??? Is VC 17 the best out there for the Great Lakes? Is one of the other Interlux paint better suited? Or is a another Interlux type less costly ...
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    Head Stay Length

    I am planning on installing a new Furler. So, I want to install a new Head Stay as well. Which creates the question, How long is the Stay? Do I use the dimension/length given in my owners manual ?? I have seen differing lengths listed on other web-sites. If I order from Catalina Direct, what...
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    Water in Bilge

    Got the boat sitting on the hard. Had gave the bilge a fresh coat of paint. Went to give it a second coat and found it wet. Not much, but enough as so I had to wipe it out and let dry before appling my second coat of bilgekote. The boat is all covered, but this year chose not to unstep the mast...
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    what type of oil

    Hey, Anyone with thoughts on the type of oil to use in an experienced M-25 XP ? The owners manual calls out for a 10W 40, or a SAE 30..... Looking around, I have seen oil for diesels, 15W 40, or a 10W 30. There are now syntheic oils for diesel marine use. Up here in Wisconsin, Lake Michigan...
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    Hood Furler

    Hey, I want to get rid of my Hood 810 LD....Hood no longer offers the the 800 upgrade, but now upgrades to a 707SL. anyone with any experience with this furler?? And reefing capabilities? thnx