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  1. Justin_NSA

    Not just a novelty to me

    They market these as a novelty gadget. Something to amuse the kids. I just installed them and I find it very useful for those middle of the night boomer trips to the head. We have an overhead light that comes on red, but this is just enough to provide a good target and not wake up the admiral...
  2. Justin_NSA

    Sail slugs

    Had a very windy sail yestersay. My neighbor broke 6 sail slugs. He had to remove his main to get new ones sewn in. Came to find out I broke one too. Only mine snap thru grommets in the sail. The loop part that captures the slug broke away. Does anyone know where to get these? May as well order...
  3. Justin_NSA

    BoatUS tips on rebedding hardware

    Just food for discussion. This just came out in the latest BoatUS eMagazine. Any new rebedding I've done is with butyl tape. There are ways to deal with the author's concerns about using it...
  4. Justin_NSA

    Does your club have a designated drink?

    Saw this Scuttlebutt article on the web. Many yacht clubs have a designated drink. There's a list of clubs here. Most drinks I've never heard of, but I'm a beer guy. Does your yacht club have a designated drink? We are not listed. Decades ago we had to change from Ninnescah Yacht Club to...
  5. Justin_NSA

    Need a clean SS cut

    I have some new stainless steel tube, 7/8" diameter, 0-065" wall thickness arriving from Go2Marine shortly. I need to cut it in half for my bimini. SS is pretty tough metal. What would you all use? I want a good, clean cut. I'm not sure my copper pipe cutter is up to the task. Hacksaws are...
  6. Justin_NSA

    Painkiller - Little Big Town

    I soooo want to get back down there for another bareboat charter. Not getting any younger! recorded at the Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke -
  7. Justin_NSA

    Draft stripes. Anyone use them?

    I confess this is new to me. Anyone getting benefit from using them? A draft stripe is a horizontal strip of dark colored sailcloth placed at one or more points along the luff on each side of a sail. Each stripe indicates the path of air molecules as they pass over the surface of the sail UK...
  8. Justin_NSA

    Engine panel cover. Worth it?

    My cockpit engine control panel already has a flap covering. I was wondering if these SBO covers are worth installing for protection or will it just trap dirt and insects? Anyone have one? They cost 40 boat bucks.
  9. Justin_NSA

    Incredible coverage of the Forrestal fire

    As a young Marine on the Midway we had heard the stories, but never saw the carnage before
  10. Justin_NSA

    The WM winch BOGO is on !

    They are still expensive! I hope my winch rebuilds last me
  11. Justin_NSA

    Need help finding reasonable Jabsco part

    I have a Jabsco Compact 29090-0000 marine toilet. It works just fine so I'm not wanting to replace it. I am trying to find the toilet lid hinges. According to, the original p/n 18753-0181 has been superseded by 29098-1000. They have it in stock. It doesn't look exactly like the...
  12. Justin_NSA

    Question on meaning of specs

    I plan to replace the drain hoses on my galley twin sinks. Hoping to eliminate the "traps". When the specs say " 5inch Min bend radius" how is that measured? I'm looking at Shields Series148 at WM as an option. Thanks
  13. Justin_NSA

    One more plumbing project checked off

    Just finished up my water heater bypass project. Up to now, every Fall I manually disconnected the in/out lines and connected them together. Now I just flick a couple valves and I'm done. (De)commisioning the heater is eazy peazy now. The PEX isn't as "bendy" as the old PB plumbing so I had to...
  14. Justin_NSA

    Boat graphics

    I was going to replace my worn out boat name graphics on the stern. I defaulted to BoatUS and laid it out on their designer. The bill comes to a little over $200! It's "Bella Luna" in 8" tall letters. Is that typical? Is there a less expensive place? Maybe I need to wait for a sale. Word to the...
  15. Justin_NSA

    Is this config acceptable?

    I was looking for a place to install my 10" water filter assembly and I came across this original install for my twin galley sinks. Other than probably replacing the PVC elbow connected to the thru-hull valve, do you see anything wrong with this setup? Mostly, does it need the "trap" seen below...
  16. Justin_NSA

    New tool :)

    This little to-do has been on the back of my mind: Been meaning to safety-wire the hardware on my transmission coupling to help prevent anything from vibrating loose. I have a wire-worthy project or two around the house too. I haven't used these since my hitch in the Marines over 40 years ago...
  17. Justin_NSA

    Potable water tank access panel

    Can't seem to find the discussion on this. After I cleaned the sludge out of the intake side screen on the water pump, I thought I better get inside my tank and clean it out. My tank is plastic. I have a 4" hole saw. Can I just fasten a round 4" access panel to the top of the tank? What should I...
  18. Justin_NSA

    What is it? Toilet supply line...

    I should know this but still unsure. It's inline between the raw water thru hull and the toilet. It has a cap. I open it and see water, but that's all. No labelling. Is it a filter? Check valve? Just wondering if it needs to be serviced or if it's a consumable part that should be replaced...
  19. Justin_NSA

    Source new 1 1/2" Ell and pipe

    Plumbing fitment always gets the better of me. OD, ID, thread pattern, etc. I'm hoping someone knows what part(s) I need for my new project. This off season, I am replacing any PVC connecting to my thru-valves with approved Forespar 93 series (?) Marelon, starting with this sanitation line. It...
  20. Justin_NSA

    Lowrance map compatibility

    I broke the mounting bracket on my ancient Lowrance Globalmap 1600. I want to replace it with something newer and faster. It has an external GPS antenna input and a separate proprietary NMEA connector. I can't seem to find a direct replacement GPS map unit. Any ideas what will plug in? I don't...