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  1. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Is this what the divorce courts mean when they talk about equitable distribution - half the house, all of the sailboat? :) Paul
  2. Paul J. Rusyniak

    THANK YOU!!!

    I ordered a shaft packing form the chandlery at this website in January. When it came time to install it last week, I discovered I had ordered the wrong item - totally 100% MY ERROR. I contacted Janet Millard and had a return authorization, with complete return instructions, in less than two...
  3. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Nick Maggio, Seitzinger, Steve O and Bill Roosa... Thanks for your help!!! It was easier than I had anticipated, and as you described - just pulled the outlet hose off the bottom of the stainer, put it into the antifreeze bucket, fired up the engine (the only difficult part) and pumped it...
  4. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Before someone starts scolding me, I’ve checked the Yanmar Owner’s Manual, the archives here, Torresen Marine, Yanmar, Mack Boring and have googled every which way from Sunday - - - I’m still very confused!!! I have a 2001 Yanmar 1GM10 which needs to be winterized. It’s equipped with a Vetus...
  5. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Two sailboats that are very similar in all aspects are on parallel head-on courses. If I’m the helmsman of the port tack boat, I think I should pass the other boat to her lee. Suppose, just for my own convenience, I’d like to pass to her windward. How far off should I be in order to not...
  6. Paul J. Rusyniak


    1. NEVER let anyone (self included) fall from or jump off my boat into the water. 2. NEVER allow lightning within 100nm of my boat. Paul s/v The Lord Nelson
  7. Paul J. Rusyniak


    OK, you’re getting ready to order your new boat for spring delivery. You want a dark blue hull. The boat will be used in fresh water only. Cost differential aside, do you order AWLGRIP or molded-in color? Why? Thanks, Paul s/v The Lord Nelson
  8. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Hi... We’re looking for a hand-held lightning detector. Our dock mate has an older unit from STORM WISE. Seems to work well, but they don’t appear to be available anymore. Also note that most online marine chandleries, including this one, don’t offer them, nor does L L Bean or REI. This...
  9. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Hi... Do any of you have experience with the ALERION EXPRESS 28? Thanks, in advance, Paul s/v The Lord Nelson
  10. Paul J. Rusyniak


    On most of the threads regarding heaving-to, there’s at least one post that suggests heaving-to with the wind coming over the starboard rail, with at least the implication that the boat would then be privileged. Is that correct, that a hove-to sailboat has privilege over a sailboat under way...
  11. Paul J. Rusyniak


    Chris: I hope you won’t mind that I started a new thread, but I felt that this deserves one of its own, ESPECIALLY in this day and age. I ordered some stuff from the chandlery on this site - - - it was shipped BEFORE the estimated date!!! One of the items was defective. In fact, it was so...
  12. Paul J. Rusyniak


    I haven’t written this before, as some of you folks are absolutely brutal to your fellow forum correspondents, but thought I’d run this up the mast anyway. We have a 2001 h260, which we purchased new as a factory ordered boat. We enjoy sailing it on Oneida Lake, in central New York State...