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  1. Mikem

    The Proper Prop

    My son has a Campbell on his H410 and my daughter has on on her H37c. Wonderful performance and handling.
  2. Mikem

    Pop quiz

    Not all that familiar with the area but I would say sub due to restricted in ability to maneuver.
  3. Mikem

    Hunter 460/466 Hydrovane

    Congratulations. That is a great boat.
  4. Mikem

    Race photos from Bremerton, Wa. April 24, 2021

    One more photo from the bremerton race
  5. Mikem

    Race photos from Bremerton, Wa. April 24, 2021

    When I am not working on my son or daughter's boat or rebuilding the 5.9 Cummins diesel on my oldest son's truck I did get on the water Saturday for a club race. Some how my crew and I missed the two preliminary starting blasts and the only one we heard was actually the one minute warning and...
  6. Mikem

    How should a rebuilt Yanmar behave?

    My son had a 2gm completely rebuilt in a previous H306 that he owned. It started fine, no smoke, no metallic sounds, no fuel in the ran smooth and like a swiss watch. I don't remember any issues at all. If the symptoms you mentioned persist you have problems.
  7. Mikem

    Folding vs Fixed Prop STW?

    I looked at a four blade flexofold to replace my three blade flexofold but flexofold said my 76hp diesel was not strong enough.
  8. Mikem

    1984 Hunter 37c conversion to sloop

    Roger that. I like my daughter’s boat too. More importantly, she does too. If the sloop conversion was an easy thing we might give it a try.
  9. Mikem

    1984 Hunter 37c conversion to sloop

    Have to chuckle. My daughter loves the layout, full enclosure and it’s superb handling qualities. What do you have?
  10. Mikem

    1984 Hunter 37c conversion to sloop

    My daughter has a 1984 Hunter 37c. What is involved to convert it to a sloop? If the baby stay is removed does that affect the structural integrity of the mast? Thanks.
  11. Mikem

    What is the one thing on your boat that you like the most?

    The fact that I even have a boat. As others have noted I smile every time I look at “Wings of Gold”. Had her going on 18 years and she seems new each time I walk aboard.
  12. Mikem

    76 years ago today, on an island

    Semper Fi
  13. Mikem

    Pulls to port under power

    Have you checked for rudder parts with the good folks on this website. I’m sure they can help. To clarify I mean the SBO staff.
  14. Mikem

    2021 Photo Contest -- Winners Announced Monday

    A quiet day at Oro Bay, Anderson Island, washington
  15. Mikem

    39 Hunter underpowered with the base 29HP Yanmar?

    Good decision. A rule of thumb for displacement hulls is 4-5 hp per ton to achieve hull speed. This may be useful when considering other boats.
  16. Mikem

    Sailing, Climbing, swimming, and the study of physics..

    What could possibly go wrong.
  17. Mikem

    37C Windlass

    I will take a look this weekend and see what I can find out.
  18. Mikem

    37C Windlass

    Here are two pictures of the windlass on my daughter's 1984 37C. In the bottom picture the switch mechanism is to the left and covered by the plexiglass piece.
  19. Mikem

    Smallest boat with dedicated shower?

    My daughter’s 1984 Cherubini Hunter 37 cutter has a separate shower.
  20. Mikem

    Good Read

    Thanks. I will look for that. The rescue in this book is covered very well and in great detail. A a retired Navy Helo pilot who has rescued (and recovered) folks in good weather and bad I read it with white knuckles. Also having conducted night flight ops during Hurricane David in the North...