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  1. Chucktown Charger

    Hunter 240 Electrical Panel

    Crispy, West Marine does have the on/off and the on/off/on switches that fit the panel we have. The store closest to me has them in stock. -Adam
  2. Chucktown Charger

    Hunter 240 Electrical Panel

    I'm heading to West Marine in a few. I'll let you know what I find. I'm taking the schematic with me.
  3. Chucktown Charger

    Hunter 240 Electrical Panel

    Hi folks! I have a 2000 Hunter 240 I bought after MANY years of neglect and sitting on the trailer. I'm down to replacing the last few bits to get her back on the water where she belongs. However, I replaced the battery yesterday and nothing is working. I suspect that the panel, breakers, fuses...
  4. Chucktown Charger

    2000 H240 SnapFurl CF500 issues

    Hi, I just got a 2000 Hunter 240 and have been going through it replacing the worn out parts. I just replaced the forestay furler extrusion and the jib halyard is still wrapping around the sail. I know this isn't supposed to happen. I don't know if the sails that came with the boat are correct...
  5. Chucktown Charger

    Running rigging replacement

    Hi folks! I got a 2000 Hunter 240 and all of the sheets and lines need to be replaced. The boat had sat for more than 5 years and the lines are rotten. That said, I need to find the best source for line/sheet length and diameter so I can purchase new ones. After getting them, I'll need to know...