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  1. Br3nt

    Anyone around Fortman Marina, Alameda?

    I'd offer but Sail SFBay beat me to it! You might be interested in Island Yacht Club's Women's Sailing Seminar that's coming up in a couple weeks. It won't help you for this weekend but I've heard it's a really great program.
  2. Br3nt

    seeking crew

    What about a sailor from San Francisco?
  3. Br3nt

    Hatch insignia? Identify old hatches?

    I think that is from Goiot. It looks very much like the ones on my C&C that I just sent off to a company to have refurbished.
  4. Br3nt

    Electrical Refit Sanity Check

    Good catch, it's not optimal but I have it already and I like the way it works with the ACR to isolate the start battery. I'll probably update it in the future and if all my plans work out add additional FF batteries.
  5. Br3nt

    Electrical Refit Sanity Check

    Ack, I didn't label that. It's a blue seas 40a charger. I'll see if I can update it. =
  6. Br3nt

    Electrical Refit Sanity Check

    Ok, I realize 'refit' and 'sanity' don't belong in the same thread. Anyway, among the refit we're doing on our C&C 39 is a long overdue gut of the 40+ year old electrical systems. I know the residential breakers in the cockpit locker still technically work but we just decided it was time. I've...
  7. Br3nt

    Shorty Pedestal Replacement for C&C 39

    The engine control collar(?) on our C&C 39 needs a lot of love and we can't find replacement parts. It's been suggested that we need to replace the pedestal. One of the things we're trying to figure out is all the different parts (pedestal, base, engine controls, binnacle) we need to replace and...
  8. Br3nt

    Iso Transformer or Galvanic Isolator

    You may have helped me answer two questions at once. We were also on the fence about Firefly batteries!
  9. Br3nt

    Iso Transformer or Galvanic Isolator

    Hi all. We're doing an extensive refit of a new to us C&C 39. In designing the new electrical system I'm stuck between including a galvanic isolator or an isolation transformer. The $500 difference won't break the bank but there are definitely other ways it could be spent. We're currently bay...
  10. Br3nt

    Autopilot - quick and hard or long and soft?

    From the title I thought I somehow clicked over to SA.
  11. Br3nt

    Wifi questions resurrected

    You may want to think about the Groove over the Bullet. I used the Bullet for awhile but it's limited to 2.4Ghz. I've found that's limiting with the many 5Ghz networks out there and the Groove linked below claims to do both and is very similar to the Bullet. That said, I have the Groove in my...
  12. Br3nt

    Oracle boat with foils

    The AC45 "World Series" races were all streamed live on YouTube and are probably still there. Not sure what the plan is for the rest of races but I think NBC is signed on to do some of the coverage.
  13. Br3nt

    1975 Catalina Outboard Question

    The PO installed this Tohatsu 9.8 on our 1978. She's been good to us even in 20+ knots on the nose with some chop.
  14. Br3nt

    DSC advantages, details + AIS

    Hmmm... I'll probably want to have the flexibility to change the handheld for sailing on other boats. I don't plan on selling the boat (I've said that before) but it would be nice to have a different account for the GX2150. I see my better half registering a new MMSI for the GX2150 in my future...
  15. Br3nt

    DSC advantages, details + AIS

    So if you have the GX2150 and the HX851 do you use the same MMSI on both or register two different MMSI numbers?
  16. Br3nt

    Marina Theft Getting Crazy

  17. Br3nt

    Marina Theft Getting Crazy

    I'm over at Oyster Pt and haven't heard of any problems there yet. Maybe I should thank the liveaboards!
  18. Br3nt

    Are folks buying sailboats?

    We just bought a C27 about 6 weeks ago and we were lucky enough to sell our Santana 22 last week. We didn't get a lot of bites on the Santana... Just the right one.
  19. Br3nt

    wannabee sailors

    Err, we contacted the coasties and BoatUS our first day we owned our boat. Didn't end up needing them but also learned quickly what the orange flag meant at the harbor master's office and how ineffective a 2hp motor is into a 25 kt wind. We're just glad there weren't any cameras rolling.
  20. Br3nt

    Another Macgregor Sinks?

    Please say you didn't realize the severity of this tragedy before you posted. I watched search boats going out Sunday morning.