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  1. bawlmer

    Now I know where all the wind went

    Awesome! That is where I stopped and looked out onto othe bay. I did not know that until Google asked me how it was. I will send you a PM. Thanks very much!
  2. bawlmer

    Now I know where all the wind went

    I got a new project in the SF Bay area and am spending a lot of time there. Two Sundays ago I had lunch in Sausalito and checked out the sailing from the shore. The wind was stiff, steady and appeared predictable. Boats were screaming along and it looked like everyone was having a blast. I will...
  3. bawlmer

    NO MAS-k DAY

    Masks for Covid have morphed from a medical device to a political one. Flame if you wish, but look around you.
  4. bawlmer

    Where to next?

    There is always the Chesapeake in the Spring. You can spend a lot more than 5 to 7 days though.
  5. bawlmer

    Dockside electric pressure washer?

    I got a cheapo from Harbor Freight about 5 years ago. I only use it just a few times a year but it is still going strong. I think I paid 79.95 for it on sale. Brand was Pacific Hydrostar but that changes from year to year.
  6. bawlmer

    Outboard size for 23.5

    I had an Irwin 23. It had a 8 HP long shaft and it pushed it to hull speed just fine. I think 15 HP may be a little much. True you can throttle down but that is a lot of extra size and weight you don't need.
  7. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    Yes. You have to worry about being THAT GUY.
  8. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    Boy. That would definitely not work in the Upper Chesapeake.
  9. bawlmer

    Is this damage at bow of concern ?

    It looks like gelcoat damage. Google patchpaste. I used it to fix some grizzly anchor damage to my bow. It was easy to use and to this day you can't tell it was a repair. I have a thread on the repair here somewhere.
  10. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    Oh Yeah. That other thing. Logs and other hard items come up a lot faster than they used to. You gotta drive it like a car.
  11. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    Don't get me started. I don't want to be put in time out.
  12. bawlmer

    FCC Moves Ahead With 5G Regardless

    This ^^^. The key word is Lightsquared. They tried this during the Obama administration and DOD shot them down because of GPS interference. Now in true terminator II fashion they reformed and tried it again. They will probably succeed this time because they figured out who they neglected to...
  13. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    The no wake zones do become frustrating though.
  14. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    Haha. From my experiences in Florida, the weather you hated as a sailor (flat calm with little wind) will become your favorite. You can blast across the bay for a leisurely lunch at Waterman's in Rock Hall and be back by dinner.
  15. bawlmer

    Exhaust elbow rust

    Yes. And it always rusts out from the inside. It made a disgusting mess in my engine compartment from a 1/4 inch hole. Four years later I am still finding black spots that need cleaning. I replaced the entire mixing elbow. It was hard but straightforward work. Once I pulled out the old one it...
  16. bawlmer

    Cover pic? Really?

    At least she could have been in a bikini.
  17. bawlmer

    Neck deep in the Dark Side

    I went there for a while. It was really fun. You can get places in less than a day. Are you going to sell the sail boat or will you become bi(nautical)?
  18. bawlmer

    Need some offbeat advice

    Sawzall. Ahhh.... Divorce stories. I have a few of them.......
  19. bawlmer

    1974 Catalina 27 toilet removal tips tricks ?

    I did a lot of work on my sanitary system. The first and mandatory task is to pump your tank before you disconnect anything. That is one variable I will not deal with.
  20. bawlmer

    Looking for a Westerbeke fuel injection pump

    Do you still have the old pump? If so, Baltimore Diesel in Glen Burnie rebuilt mine (W20B) last year. They did a great job at a very reasonable price. Your profile says you are on the Severn so that will not be far.