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  1. 19thol

    Tohatsu 2.5 two stroke, not running

    Got it with my boat, was stored in a shed for several years, piston rusted to the bore, I've gotten it all apart but got a deal on a Honda, now would like someone that could use it to have it. Don't think it makes sense to ship it, but if you wanna pay for shipping, I'll do it.
  2. 19thol

    Arco 35 2 speed powered winch

    Hey all, trying to remove this winch and drive (electric) to see what is wrong with the electric drive and or gearbox. Cannot for the live of me figure out how to get the gearbox separated from the winch, since it's in the overhead in the head, tight area and limited sight in the overhead...
  3. 19thol

    Forespar customer service

    I was looking for a place to do a shout out to Forespar, couldn't find one so here it goes. When I bought my new to me boat, it had two whisker poles, a small extendable one and a large extendable one. Somehow I managed to lose the end of the small one that attaches to the mast. I looked hi...
  4. 19thol

    Backstay length

    Anyone have an idea how to determine the length of a backstay without going up the stick? It's an H 30 T, and it has a backstay adjuster. Thanks in advance.
  5. 19thol

    Bent safety rail

    Last fall when the hurricane came through St.Pete, it sucked all the water out of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. When that happened my boat leaned over against one of the pilings, bending the rail on the starboard side of the transom. Anyone have any good ways to attempt to bend it back...
  6. 19thol

    trouble with transmission flange to shaft

    Hey All, I can't get the flange that attaches the prop shaft to the trans apart. I sprayed with blaster, applied heat, and put a clamp on a diaganal to try to pop it apart, but no go. Haveing a hard time resisting whacking it with a hammer, help!
  7. 19thol

    Hunter 30-2 oil canning

    Hey all, we have a 1990 Hunter 30-2 with a weak spot in the hull under the head on the port side. It's about a four foot square area, not sure how to fix it because of no access to the inside of the hull. Anyone out there have to deal with this? Any ideas?