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  1. SeaDogRun

    Replacing passive skimmer with electric field pump and automatic switch

    I have a 1987 Catalina 27. It’s a project. I just cleaned out the bilge in the cabin. Instead of an Electric bilge pump, it has a skimmer. It has a manual bilge pump. I am attaching pictures. Any advice on whether replace the skimmer with an electric bill to pump and switch is a good idea?
  2. SeaDogRun

    1987 Catalina 27 cabin bilge pump?

    I recently acquired a 1987 Catalina 27. It is a project. Pulled up the carpet and wood plank that covers the area where the cabin bilge pump is located. A friend of mine has a similar boat with a fairly new rule industries bilge pump and switch. I anticipated finding a similar set up in this...
  3. SeaDogRun

    Mast bracket question

    I have a Catalina 27. I only recently bought it. I just noticed that the mast has this attachment on it. I’m a little puzzled about what it is for. Any ideas?
  4. SeaDogRun

    Main sheet rigging

    I have a Catalina 27. It’s a 1987 model. I recently bought it from someone who had not used it for over four years. I have replaced all the running rigging and found the original parts catalog. I noticed that there is a big difference between how the main sheet is rigged on my 27 versus what’s...
  5. SeaDogRun

    Catalina 27 mast issue

    Just bought a 1987 Catalina 27 on the cheap. Hadn't been sailed in 4 years. Lots of work to be done but have an issue with the port jib halyard. The prior owner told me that it had dropped in the mast and I was expecting to have to fix that. When pulling out the line, the line sticks right...