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    MRBF Fuse on Busbar

    I'm replacing some of my wiring do accommodate a 200 amp alternator and 4 Firefly G31 batteries. Looking at the MRBF I can't figure out why they need the MRBF fuse block to connect to the positive busbar. They would need insulation at the cable connection so the connector only contacts the top...
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    O'Day 40 Specs

    Hi All, I'm looking for the rigging specs of the O'Day 40 from boats 1 to 135. They are a slightly shorter rig than the post 135 boats but my boat (133) came with the later version in the owners manual.
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    O'Day 39 and 40 Replacement manual bilge pump

    After nearly 2 years I found a direct replacement for my cockpit mounted manual bilge pump. From what I can see from looking at other 39's and 40's on line we all have the "Kempax" K1 Manual Diaphragm Pump installed in a position readily accessed from the helm. The valves on mine had lost...
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    O'Day 40 prop shaft

    Does anyone know the prop shaft length of an O'day 40? I need to pull the hub to replace the PSS seal and I'd like to save time by ordering a new shaft and hub. If I can get the old hub off I'll keep the new one as a spare.
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    Lifting my engine

    I need to replace my motor mounts. The actual mount replacement is pretty straight forward but I have 1 question. Can I safely jack the motor up from underneath with a scissors jack? I have some plywood to spread the load, the engine pan should be OK, but what about the bottom of the boat...
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    Water tanks

    Has anyone else had 2 broken water tanks. I've just bought this boat and the first surprise issue is leaking water tanks.:eek: Both of them are leaking at the centre baffle. Has anyone else had this happen and fixed them? Neil Ramsey O'Day 40
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    O'Day 40 Portlights

    I want/need to replace all of the opening portlights on my '86 O'Day 40. I have a mix of Gray and Beckson. Is that normal or have some been replaced? Has anyone replace some or all with Bomar 2000 aluminium?