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  1. Sailor_Jeff

    Fresh water tank drain

    Has anyone ever installed a water drain on the fresh water tank? We have our Humter 28.5 and I would like to be able to dump the water tank without running the pump at the end of a sailing weekend (or week) before we leave the boat. Was thinking of a above waterline through hull and a ball...
  2. Sailor_Jeff

    Project boat cost, value and risk. My thoughts

    Boat value and Risk. (Just my opinion) All boats have some risk and some value. When owning boats (sail or power) I learned an important lesson for internal happiness. Get a good quality ledger book for costs, just don't quite let the pencil actually touch the paper. It seems people who...
  3. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 28.5 how do you remove handrails

    How do you remove, re-finish, re-seal and replace handrails on deck above the cabin on the Hunter 28.5? have read several posts about grabrails on larger hunters with nuts under removable headliners, but was not able to see anyway to access grabrail nuts on the 28.5. Can not see a way to...
  4. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 28.5 mast thickness

    Hi, Sitting home today filling out the order sheet for new sails. The just realized a need for the dimensions of the mast cross section or "thickness" of the Hunter 28.5 mast. Not the height. I have the height from the manual. But can someone measure for me how thick the mast is in both...
  5. Sailor_Jeff

    Changing Scupper Hoses on 28.5

    I have leaking scuppers on my 28.5. Has anyone one ever changed the scupper hoses (cockpit drain hoses) on a hunter 28.5? Just how did you access the hose fittings? Did you install deck-plates in the rear wall? Jeff
  6. Sailor_Jeff

    Boat size

    When I first started paying attention to size (of sailboats), or more specifically length of boats people owned was when I saw this man who sailed a 26ft most of his life till retirement. He then went out and purchased a 40ft and he and his wife sailed into extended vacation. Then the boat...
  7. Sailor_Jeff

    Transmission ratio

    How can I tell what the transmission gear ratio is in my Hunter 28.5? Is it stamped on it somewhere? It has the standard Yanmar 2GMF engine.
  8. Sailor_Jeff

    Plexiglass Windows

    As anyone here actually used headlight polish to clear up an old plexiglas window on a hunter sailboat?
  9. Sailor_Jeff

    Toolbox for underway

    I started thinking it would be a good idea to have a tool box on board our H285 for emergency repair. Like being able to purge the fuel lines if I had accidentally run out of diesel and used my 5 gal spare. Or to repair a packing gland leak, or electrical problem, or change a belt or putting...
  10. Sailor_Jeff

    The shifter mount on my Merriman Pedestal

    The shifter mount on my Merriman Pedestal broke on my Hunter 285. I think the ice from the winter on Kentucky Lake did it. Called Robert at Joes Racing. He said they are going to start (once again) producing a high quality machined aluminum part to fit the Merriman Pedestal. The "slice" that...
  11. Sailor_Jeff

    Tiller Extension

    Would like to sit from time to time in the forward part of the cockpit while sailing. Has anyone added a tiller extension to their tiller? Jeff
  12. Sailor_Jeff

    Keel lock pin bent

    My Mary and I finally got around to digging out the old keel lock bolt (pin) from the trunk. (Not the pivot bolt). In our 1982 Mac 22. It apparently was in while the keel was up. It had no washers installed. When the keel either fell or was lowered it hit it it bent it and sucked it into the...
  13. Sailor_Jeff

    How tight swing keel bolt?

    Today I pulled the keel bolt in my 1984 Mac 22. I used a simple bottle jack under the boat to take the weight off the bolt, used a 15/16" ratched and socket and an open end/box end wrench. Got it apart and everything looked ok, perhaps a little surface rust, but no deep grooves or cracks...
  14. Sailor_Jeff

    Rudder replacement

    About to replace the aging and rattling rudder on my Mac 22. So, I looked around and rudder craft sells two different types of naca rudder. They are both said to be for my Mac, a high performance fiberglass and a solid HDPE. Is one better that the other? It one more durable in the face of...