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  1. bawlmer

    Now I know where all the wind went

    I got a new project in the SF Bay area and am spending a lot of time there. Two Sundays ago I had lunch in Sausalito and checked out the sailing from the shore. The wind was stiff, steady and appeared predictable. Boats were screaming along and it looked like everyone was having a blast. I will...
  2. bawlmer

    ARCO and API Alternators

    Fellow Sailors. My alternator went on the fritz this fall. I had it bench tested and it was dead. ARCO makes a direct replacement and the cost is around 165.00, which I think is awesome. The auto parts store that I had my test done says they don't like them because of the way they handled a...
  3. bawlmer

    Changing Coolant

    Fellow Sailors. My water heater gave up the ghost last week. It started leaking from unknown places. I ordered a new one and this will be a good time to change out the engine coolant. My water heater is in a lazarette at cockpit level which is well above the engine. I have heard horror stories...
  4. bawlmer

    Wrong Boat in MD

    Forgive my rant. So in the great state of Maryland, our governor has decreed that no boats are to leave the dock during the pandemic unless its a kayak or similar device for purpose of exercise. Fine. No wait!! What about the poor fishermen who fish for sustinence. We must let them out also so...
  5. bawlmer

    Sailor Rescued 200 Miles off Jersey Coast

    A 25 foot sailboat caught fire and its single hand crew had to be rescued. The story states the boat had an electrical fire caused by heavy seas. I am interested in further details on how this happened. Tanker Crew Credited with Saving Sailor's Life 200 Miles Off New Jersey – gCaptain
  6. bawlmer

    I am a good driver

    My safe ride APP from Allstate insurance recorded my trip from Rock Hall to Baltimore. It said I had no sudden starts or stops with an average speed of 6 MPH.
  7. bawlmer

    Westerbeke W20B Won't Start

    Fellow Sailors. My Westerbeke W20B would not start yesterday. I did the obvious and changed out the Racor and made sure the air was out of the device. I checked the ball valve on the tank side of the filter. All good. Fuel is clean. Engine would not start. Today I changed the secondary filter on...
  8. bawlmer

    Window Replacement

    I few months ago I purchased a set of replacement windows from SBO for my Catalina 270. I checked them for fit yesterday and everything was fine. There is a slight forward to aft curvature in the window opening. Window is flexible enough so no problem there either. When you install the new...
  9. bawlmer

    Engine Oil Circulation

    I am getting ready for my winter oil change. After the oil change I want to make sure the new oil is circulated through the engine enough to get it to all the parts. I do not want to run it much more than necessary. How long does it typically take for new oil to get through a 2 cylinder diesel...
  10. bawlmer

    Smart Chargers and Smart Fridges

    I have a Sterling Pro Charge Ultra charger. It has that power saving feature that makes it go semi-comatose on occasion to save electricity. I call it “CEC” mode named after the California Energy Commission which mandates this behavior. I have caught it in the act several times. All indicators...
  11. bawlmer

    Derelicts - Upper Chesapeake

    To regain my sanity I head across the bay and anchor out at Swan Creek, which is on the north side of Rock Hall. It is a popular anchorage and there are always 5 to 10 other boats there. Still more than enough room for everyone. I noticed there are 2 boats that have been there for at least a...
  12. bawlmer

    Aluminum Anodes?

    Fellow Sailors. The last time I purchased a prop shaft anode was in 2015 and it was zinc. As I go through my pre splash punchlist I went to my West Marine store to purchase a new prop shaft anode. I was informed by the WM guy that they only sell aluminum anodes, no more zinc. He said it was for...
  13. bawlmer


    Fellow Sailors. I know this issue pops up in these forums many times but I saw something encouraging on my way home yesterday. This is the first time I ever saw this on a pump that was not in a marina. Maybe all of our screaming and lobbying is yielding some positive results. This was from a...
  14. bawlmer

    Ultrasonic Hull Protector?

    So I went to the boat show today with no particular shopping list and I found something interesting. There was a device that uses ultrasonic waves to keep marine life from attaching to your hull. It runs on 12 volts, has low current draw and for my 27 foot boat needs 2 transducers according to...
  15. bawlmer

    MMSI Distress Call

    We were sailing around Baltimore harbor Sunday afternoon when the VHF started screaming. I looked on the screen and it was an automated distress call. I have had a DSC radio since 2014 and this was the first time I heard it. The alarms went off at least 5 more times. There was a note on the...
  16. bawlmer

    Somebody's gotta be first

    Half of our marina was torn up and replaced this last year. It was lots of relocation and playing musical slips during the construction. My pier was first to get its occupancy permit and I wasted no time moving back to my brand new old slip. The entire new section is due to open June 15. Work...
  17. bawlmer

    Free to a good home BAT SAVER 8 Charger

    This is an 8 amp 2 bank charger that came with my Catalina 270. I am sure it is original equipment (1997). It works but I can't tell you how well. I replaced it with a smarter one when I replaced my batteries. Pick it up. Inner Harbor /Fells Point area in Baltimore.
  18. bawlmer

    Batteries and Chargers Again

    When I bought my boat in 2013 it came with 2 AGM batteries and a 2 stage charger that looks like original equipment from 1997. This was puzzling. I knew I would have to deal with that eventually but there were many more urgent boat issues which required more immediate attention. I decided I...
  19. bawlmer

    Is This Fixable?

    Fellow Sailors. I started my winterizing chores today and found that my fresh water pump is broken. I depressurized the water system to drain and isolate the water heater and the fresh water pump took forever to repressurize. After turning on the faucet the pump ran forever and water only...
  20. bawlmer

    Navico WP10 Autopilot

    Fellow Sailors. My Navico WP10 autopilot got stuck suddenly today. An internet search shows it is probably a broken belt. Before I tear into this thing I would like to ask if anyone has done this before. If so, is there anything I need to look out for while disassembling it. All wisdom and...