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  1. SabreToothedEngineer

    Simrad WP30 Autopilot Drinking on the Job

    The Simrad WP30 Autopilot on my Hunter 34 has recently decided to start wandering aimlessly. Sometimes it will be fine, then suddenly it will turn one way or the other by as much as 45°. Sometimes it will wander back and forth; sometimes it will simply decide it wants to keep on a new course of...
  2. SabreToothedEngineer

    1983 H34 Main AC Circuit Breaker Replacement

    I want to replace the main AC circuit breaker in my early vintage ('83) Hunter 34. The existing one occasionally breaks the circuit (Note: it doesn't trip, it simply stops transmitting power). I can usually toggle it back and forth a couple of times and it will come back. Once I had to unplug...
  3. SabreToothedEngineer

    Bomar Hatch Gasket Material

    My '83 Hunter 34 has four Bomar hatches, and all the gasket material is in tough shape. I was going to replace it with the original thing, but the price stunned me. This is nothing more than 1/2"Ø rubber with an adhesive strip on it. Is there anything else out there that will do the job and not...
  4. SabreToothedEngineer

    H34 Compression Post One More Time

    For anyone interested in this topic, I did the compression post repair on my H34 over the winter. I did nearly exactly the same thing dcalif did (2x2x0.25 aluminum square tube with a honking big header block at the top), with one major difference compared to what anyone else has done as far (as...
  5. SabreToothedEngineer

    How to splice 4 Conductor 18AWG Cable?

    The cable from my masthead instruments is a 4 conductor (+ground) shielded cable, with tiny 18AWG wires. I had to replace the compression post (this is a Hunter 34, and apparently everybody else with one of these has already had to do this), and in that process had to cut all the masthead wires...
  6. SabreToothedEngineer

    Teak Plywood - Marine Ply or Not?

    I have an '83 Hunter 34 (H34). The interior is entirely teak. One piece of 1/2" teak plywood on the bottom of a settee is completely shot. All the glue between the layers has given up, there is a bit of rot, and there is considerable damage to the teak side. I have that settee apart now for...
  7. SabreToothedEngineer

    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    I have a 1983 Hunter 34 (irrelevant to the topic, but I love to talk about my boat) that has a weird bilge pump issue. When I got the boat, it had a RuleMate 500 pump. This is the type with the internal electromagnetic level sensor with no moving parts. It is wired directly to a Rule Model 41...
  8. SabreToothedEngineer

    Some kind of cabinet door closure

    On my 1983 H34 they used some sort of closure everyplace they wanted to close a cabinet door or hold the quarter berth door open. It kind of looks like overgrown Velcro, except instead of hook-and-loop it has plastic mushroom-like knobs on both sides. These things are about 1" diameter, and mate...
  9. SabreToothedEngineer

    1983 H34 Masthead light bulb

    I went up the mast on my '83 Hunter 34 recently to retrieve the bulb at the top, and when I got there - someone in the past had beat me to it. I'd intended to get it so that I could get the right replacement, as it wasn't (duh.) working. I couldn't quite see over the top of the mast, but I could...
  10. SabreToothedEngineer

    Raw Water Strainer on H34

    The raw water strainer on my Hunter 34 needs a new gasket for the top cover. It's a special thin plastic gasket shaped to fit the labyrinth seal. The engine is a Yanmar 3GMF, and the local Yanmar guy suggested just making a cork gasket, but looking at it I'm certain that won't work (he hadn't...
  11. SabreToothedEngineer

    Parts for cam-cleat block

    I have a 1983 Hunter 34. There are three blocks on swivels at the base of the mast, each with a cam cleat on the bottom. The line comes down, around a tiny sheave or roller, around the main sheave, and then through the cam cleat. The problem is that on all three of them the little roller or...
  12. SabreToothedEngineer

    Yanmar 3GMF Hard Starting - Air, Oil, or Fuel Pump?

    I bought a 1983 Hunter 34 with the original Yanmar 3GMF diesel in January 2015. There is no hour meter on the motor. From the time I got it until IT happened it started right away (maybe 5 revolutions and off we go). Then I decided to maintain it... Read carefully, because there's a quiz at the...
  13. SabreToothedEngineer

    Seems Under Power Slow - Hunter 34

    My Hunter 34 six-months-new-to-me only makes about 4 knots under power at 2600 rpm. That seems awfully slow to me. I was told by the PO that he put a fixed-blade prop on it that was not quite right for the boat, and I'm inclined to agree. What is the correct spec for the prop on this boat, and...
  14. SabreToothedEngineer

    Crack in hull rib

    I'm a relatively new owner (four months) of an '83 Hunter 34. I just discovered a crack in the FRP next to a keel bolt in the shower sump. I don't believe it is structural (I'm a mechanical engineer, recently retired) but wanted other's opinions. The crack is on the side of the hull rib that...
  15. SabreToothedEngineer

    Pelican Hooks for Lifelines

    My relatively new-to-me Hunter 34 has pelican hooks on the lifelines, and the PO lost the one for the swim ladder gate. I've tried to find a replacement, but these things appear to be - bizarrely, because I can't think of a reason for it - left hand threads. I've looked at every one on the boat...
  16. SabreToothedEngineer

    Electrical & Plumbing Diagrams Hunter 34

    Does anyone have good copies of the wiring and plumbing diagrams for a Hunter 34? I recently bought a 1983 vintage, and have copies but they are many times photocopied and hardly legible.
  17. SabreToothedEngineer

    Eyeball lights in '83 Hunter 34

    I recently bought a Hunter 34 that has five interior lights that are what I can "eyeball" lights. These are bayonette mount lights in a ball and socket that can be aimed. Three of the five are badly corroded and nonfunctional. I'd like to replace them with something similar, but can't find...
  18. SabreToothedEngineer

    How to disinfect the water tank

    I just bought a 1983 Hunter 34. The previous owner didn't trust the water tanks for potable water. Is there a way to put a conditioner or some other chemical in, fill it, flush it, and be confident the water will be drinkable? Is it practical to test the water to see if it's good enough to drink?