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  1. dmax

    Profurl C320 furling line size

    Does anyone that has a Profurl C320 know the line diameter they used for the furling line? The instructions say 6 - 8 mm (15/64" - 5/16") which seems a bit small. I would prefer something in the 7/16" range, do I have to strip the core from the section that wraps around the drum to get something...
  2. dmax

    Source for 10 gauge ATC fuse holders

    I have been looking for some inline ATC fuse holders with 10 gauge leads but I am only finding cheap chinese products with review comments like: "definitely is not 10 gauge wire" and "fuse holder gets warm". The only ones I can find from a reliable brand (ancor, sierra) use the old glass tube...
  3. dmax

    Deck Cleats

    The finish is chipping off of my jib sheet and stern docking cleats - does anyone know of a drop-in replacement for them? They are 7" long with two bolts that are 5/16" in diameter, 1 7/8" apart center-to-center. I cannot find a match anywhere, Schaeffer is close but the bolts are 1/4" and 2"...
  4. dmax

    Spinnaker Halyard exit

    I'm replacing my halyards and masthead sheaves, adding a spinnaker halyard as my boat did not have one. Probaby won't ever get a spinnaker but I want to have an extra halyard. My question is, does anyone with one of the Isomat masts know how the spinnaker halyard should exit the mast head...
  5. dmax

    New motor mounts and oil pan touch up

    I am about to put new motor mounts in my 35. The ones in there now look like they are the originals and I'm inclined to replace them with the same ones, or at least one with the same 4" bolt spacing. There are no markings on them to tell the brand that I can find but they look like and have the...
  6. dmax

    Third battery for 34/35

    I would like to add a 3rd battery (2 house, one starter) and wondering where people who have done so put them. So far, the best options look like right next to the fuel tank on the port side (which is basically unused space) or in the lazarette next to the water heater. Any preferences?
  7. dmax

    Adding Ice Box Insulation

    Anyone beef up their insulation on a 34/35 icebox? The access seems pretty limited - what did you do?
  8. dmax

    O'Day 34/35 eyebrows

    I have removed the eyebrows from my boat and they are not going back on. They are in decent shape with good profile left, just need to be sanded and re-finished. Unfortunately, one of them snapped at a screw hole when removing but it was a clean break and it can be glued back together. If anyone...
  9. dmax

    Running wiring in an O'Day 34/35

    I'm close to the wiring phase of installing an audio/video system in my boat - any suggestions on how and where to run wires from the nav panel to the port side of the boat for speakers and a TV?
  10. dmax

    O'Day 35 Keel Bolt Torque

    Anyone know the amount of torque recommended for the keel bolts on an O'Day 35. I've seen 120 and 160 ft lbs. I have seven 1 1/8" nuts. Thanks.
  11. dmax

    O'Day 35 Rudder Question

    I need to drop the rudder on my 35 for repairs but have run into a problem: all the bolts for the quadrant came off easily and I can slide a paint scraper in between the halves but I am unable to budge the pin that goes through the quadrant and the center of the rudder tube. On my boat, it is a...
  12. dmax

    O'Day 34/35 questions

    Good Day, I just purchased an 87 O'Day 35 in excellent overall shape but of course, it needs a few things. If I may, I'd like to ask a few questions (I searched the archives but couldn't find answers to these): * Someone put on a 44" wheel, while great for steering leverage it makes getting...