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  1. jssailem

    Stern rail seats

    Just a couple of boards from Lowes. Best seats in the house.
  2. jssailem

    Stop wires slapping inside of mast?

    In my case, we started at the open end of the mast. We reached inside and held the conduit to the mast at arms length. Kind of like reaching into the business end of a mare - artificial insemination - but with out the long glove on your arm. Once you drill and pop rivet one you can progress up...
  3. jssailem

    Heat exchanger zinc anode.

    Is that your girlfriend of which you speak... Way to go.:biggrin:
  4. jssailem

    Tiller “slop” thoughts

    Your album was empty. Can you load the clip here in SBO using the "Insert Video" option on the menu?
  5. jssailem

    I need help

    One piece of insight I learned from Peggie, you want the line to rise after the toilet and then descend to the holding tank. The typical toilet pump has the ability to push your effluent up and over the loop. This means gravity is helping you to deposit the effluent into the holding tank and not...
  6. jssailem

    Are Boat Shows Good Places to get Deals on New Sails?

    I met the SM for Lewmar the first day at Annapolis in 2018. He wanted to get off to a good start in sales. Gave me a killer deal on a Ocean 70 hatch for my boat. Included shipping from the Florida warehouse. You just do not know what is motivating or why they positively respond to a request for...
  7. jssailem

    I think I just bought a 30.

    Yes. @JamesG161 and I were just discussing that. The Hurricane season is drawing to a close and the chilly "Winds of November" are upon the waters. Search out the anchorages. The forum was a buzz with the changes in anchorages in Florida about a year ago. Not sure what developed. I believe...
  8. jssailem

    I think I just bought a 30.

    Never too late... But it does get you to improve your anchoring skills. A couple of years ago I watched a YouTube vid of a guy who anchored out in the river near a marina. Would dinghy in to get breakfast and use the facilities. Not sure if he paid the marina anything, except for the beer that...
  9. jssailem

    I think I just bought a 30.

    Congrats on the new to you boat. You sound surprised. My bank would know if I bought a new boat. Choose your new home wisely. The west coast waters vary a bit in depth. You may find there is a long channel you need to follow off shore in order to find deep enough water to sail unencumbered.
  10. jssailem

    Are Boat Shows Good Places to get Deals on New Sails?

    I’m not sure you get a heavily discounted deal on sails at the show. You may be able to find things that have been brought to the show and get a price break so the product does not cost the seller return shipping after the show. These are know as last day deals. If you are remote from lofts...
  11. jssailem

    Its funny Friday!

    CRUSHED SCROTUM. During a church service, the pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express praise for answered prayers. Suzie stood and walked to the podium. She said, “Two months ago, my husband, Phil, had a terrible bicycle accident and his scrotum was crushed.” There...
  12. jssailem

    I need help

    When you say "System", it sounds like Watermaker system. You do not need a water-maker, to install a fresh water source to flush. You need to add a freshwater source to your toilet pump intake. Simplest design is outlined in Peggie's book. You tap into the sink drain. The intake hose from...
  13. jssailem

    Broken Keel Bolts - Hunter

    Sure. Install an automatic pump switch. Then when the sump has water in it the pump automatically turns on.
  14. jssailem

    Replacing Cabin Sole

    Sounds interesting Roy. I looked at the product. Sounded like they will do the install. Is the DIY option there? Does it affect their warranty? Are you considering their "Glow in the Dark Lines" option? Seems it might help with those night time needs. Also with Halloween coming glowing in the...
  15. jssailem

    H34 Compression Post

    That seems like a prudent approach. I completed that very action when I refitted my mast on my Cal. We had the step cleaned and powder coated. Inspection of the deck showed the area to be sound. Used 4200 to bed the step in place. Assured the step weep holes were clean. Here is a picture of the...
  16. jssailem

    Replacing Cabin Sole

    Roy. I used Goo Gone Pro Power – For Multiple Surfaces To help remove the silicone caulk in places around my windows. It worked mostly. Still there is/was scraping and a little praying. I think after the big windstorm and rain I have a little more work to do. I had water intrusion. Not a...
  17. jssailem

    Please, when can I come back?

    Arrive in Canada within 72 hours of test. The “ArriveCAN” app completed. The AriveCAN app requires you to provide images of your vaccination card showing full course of shots. ie. 2 Pfizer or Moderna shots. The want you to identify a quarantine plan. I said on the boat in Sidney marina. There...
  18. jssailem

    Please, when can I come back?

    Other than the wild wind that seemed to blow on my bow as I turned every corner winding through the Gulf Islands, or the storm that came up to try and stop my passage across Swanson Channel between Salt Springs and Moresby, my adventure into Canada was excellent. I would have liked to visit...
  19. jssailem

    asymmetrical spinnaker sock

    :plus: to both ideas. As @Hayden Watson suggests (blowing the sheet) letting the sheet loose depowers the sail so that you can corral it into the sock. Interestingly the TopDown furler systems also encourage letting the sail fly forward and luffing to make the wrap easier. A caution on a...
  20. jssailem

    New Airmar Technology

    I saw those. I thought they were an idea that is still being developed. Ultrasound sensing. Like the units being used to sense wind speed. You are correct about tidal speeds being a challenge in our PacificNW waters. While the exact speeds are not always available, with some preplanning using...