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    Perkins 4-108, any comments, opinions, or things to watch out for?

    I'm thinking of buying a boat that has a 4-108 engine in it. The motor looks poorly kept, but is said to run. I hope to test run her tomorrow. Is there anything I should watch for? Does this motor have known issues? Are parts readily available at reasonable prices?
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    H26.5 - Where do the bow light wires go?

    I need to replace the wires that go to the bow light on a H26.5. I see that the wires go into the bow rail from the bow light, but I don't know where they go from there. Has anyone traced them out before? I'd love a heads up on where to look for them down below. Thanks, Jim
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    Question about running mast head light wires.

    I have a Hunter 26.5 that came from the factory without a mast head light. I would like to add one. I have not had the mast off the boat yet. Based on a picture from another H26.5 that I saw, I expect that the mast is hollow, with no channel dedicated for running wires inside of. This leaves...
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    I am going to look at a H26.5 in the morning. I may buy it. Does anyone have any quick advice on this particular model? Thanks, Jim
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    Retube a dink in South florida???

    I have a little 9' Hypalon dink that is in need of new tubes. Does anybody know a good shop in South Florida that can do a job like that? I spoke to one guy in Miami that quoted me more than the cost of a new boat. I'm hoping to find a more worthwhile option. Thanks, Jim
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    MMSI question for MOB transponder, need fast answer

    A friend of mine is about to start an international trip on a sailboat. The friend is being required to bring one of these personal AIS transponders -...
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    Tough weather day in western Mexico

    It looks like Mazatlan is about to get a pretty solid hit.
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    SRVS shutting down 9/5/18?

    I just got an e-mail saying that SRVS will shut down on 9/5 to be replaced by something new, called CBP RAOM app. Is this correct? If so, one week notice to shut down a system that is used by people traveling abroad seems a bit short.
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    Did anyone ever rebed the forward hatch on a 212?

    The forward hatch on my Hunter 212 leaks when it rains. The gaskets look like they seal. If I duct tape plastic to the deck around the hatch, the leak is gone. I am thinking that I probably need to rebed the hatch frame to the deck. Has anyone ever pulled up a forward hatch on a 212 before...
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    H212 Gudgeon Repair

    During a 30 mile sail about a week ago, my gudgeon started to separate from my transom near the top. When I pulled the screws out, I found that a previous repair with a rivnut had failed. A second rivnut was still holding firm. I removed the other rivnut, & drilled out the holes to 5/8". I...
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    Tohatsu Outboard Gas Cap Question

    I have a little 3.5hp 4-stroke Evenrude (Tohatsu) kicker motor that has the gas tank built in. It's got the post 2010 style gas cap on it The other day, I went to open the vent & the vent plug came all the way out. I see that the plug has a...
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    This can't be cheap

    It looks like Hinckley is coming out with a new 53 -
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    Firefly Batteries????

    Has anybody tried Firefly brand "carbon foam grid" batteries? They make some pretty wild claims.
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    Furling Jib for a H-212 ????

    I’m thinking of replacing the jib on my 212. Right now, I have a hank on. I’m thinking that I would like to have a furler, but I want one that isn’t going to be a pain in the neck to handle when I step the mast. I’m thinking that something like what I have seen on a Code 0 might be nice. I...
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    Chilly day for the Etchels in Miami

    Some Etchels races went off in Biscayne Bay this morning. During the first leg of the first race, the breeze was blowing 17-24 and the air temperature was around 50F. It was a bit cool for the sandal-footed Dade locals, but they did manage to get in 3 races before their scheduled curfew...
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    Hunter 170...Anything to beware of?

    I may purchase a used Hunter 170 in the next couple of days. Do these boats have any known issues that I should watch out for? Thanks, Jim
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    Pictures of Hunter 212 rudder please?

    The rudder on my 212 appears to have been "beefed up" by some well-intentioned former owner. It looks to have had additional aluminum welded onto the head, to prevent the rudder from ever kicking up. I'm thinking that this is probably not the ideal rig for some of the shallow areas where I plan...
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    Window replacement recommendations please, for Hunter 212

    I’m getting ready to replace the windows on a Hunter 212 & I was hoping to get some feedback from others that have replaced windows on sailboats before. I am particularly interested in hearing how Dow 795 has held up long term & hearing if anyone has recommendations for mounting systems that...