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  1. Joe

    Asymmetrical Rigging ideas

    To rig an adjustable TACK line on any boat, attach a block to the stemhead fitting. That's where your forestay and headsail's tack (or RF drum) will attach to the boat. There are normally 3 holes in the stemhead fitting, if not, you'll need to get creative with dyneema or wire. The tack line...
  2. Joe

    Fixed Dock Piling Pulley System

    I think it' a device for keeping the boat centered by compensating for changes in water level or condition (wake, current, etc.) Here's a commercial version, although the rigging instructions appear to be different from the homemade version. i.e. only one side moves, the other is fixed.
  3. Joe

    Insight on sail condition

    Perhaps the post title was misleading. I didn't want to say "don't rig a jib downhaul", I just meant to suggest a couple of small improvement changes that have worked for me the past 20 years. 1. tie dh line to first hank below headboard. 2. no need to interlace line 3. use small diam...
  4. Joe

    Insight on sail condition

    Not intended, in any way, to suggest it won't work. I apologize. Perhaps I should have titled the post "here's another good way to rig a jib downhaul." Anyway, if you simply move the downhaul to the next lower hank it will work way, way better than fine. Because you won't have to worry...
  5. Joe

    Insight on sail condition

  6. Joe

    Insight on sail condition

    If that's the only thing holding you back then go for it. Replace the sails as your budget allows. You can enjoy the boat now, even with old sails.
  7. Joe

    Cetol gloss

    If the Cetol experiment doesn't pan out, I can recommend the product below. You can find it at any big box or neighborhood hardware.... or Amazon. I found this after a number of years using Cetol back when it was ORANGE. I guess it's improved, but I ain't going back to the stuff since...
  8. Joe

    What is this?

    These racing dinghies are a blast. Mastering one will make you an excellent sailor. Hiking straps and maybe even trapeze lines should be evident once you get the gear sorted out. Look for self draining plug on the transom. It's like a one way valve. These boats often had adjustable or...
  9. Joe

    Halyard Loss

    That happened to me with a trailered boat, also. Embarrassing, but fortunately no one but my 12 year old saw it. No fish tape, long way from a store, just launching off the deserted beach.... so we fashioned a plumb line out of some fishing gear I happened to bring along in case the wind died...
  10. Joe

    More on Maine Sail

    Thank you for the real time update, Phil. Rod is such a treasure to this group.
  11. Joe

    Running main halyard to cockpit / 18.5

    A cam cleat positioned so you could employ an existing sheet winch would be simpler, as SFbay suggested. Rope clutch may be too much, since you have to go to the cabin top to release it.....or to engage it for that matter. Running your expensive halyard cordage through clutch jaws when...
  12. Joe

    Jib Sail Trim Controls

    If you don't have an adjustable sliding jib car system and you want to change the car's position while it's under load, you clip a pendant to the clew and anchor it to the toe rail, another car, a pad eye or convenient deck fitting. Once that's done you can ease the sheet while the pendant...
  13. Joe

    Refinishing Catalina Capri 14.2 boat, question on pigment colors

    I used Interlux "boottop and striping enamel" for my boot stripe. It's a one part polyurethane, like Brightside. Used a stock color .. "Flag Blue" .. seemed to match perfectly. However, if you use Brightside topside paint there many more color options, but they only come in quarts or...
  14. Joe

    Why are selling prices so much less in Europe than in the US?

    Except all the posted prices on YachtWorld are already converted to US dollars.
  15. Joe

    Any advice for Anacapa Island day trip?

    I suggest finding a copy of one of Brian Fagan's cruising guides to the Calif coastal area. He has published various editions over the years, some specific to channel islands, others covering larger areas. The SF to San Diego guide, for instance, even though it emphasizes making the coastal...
  16. Joe

    Replace Stays on a Beneteau 343

    You need to do some research and learn, learn, learn. Lots of stuff on You Tube to get you started. Get a quote from the yard or an independent rigger...or call a rigging service .... local or online... to get estimates... they will help you through the process, At some point you may have...
  17. Joe

    170 Under Main Only

    It's a no brainer then... go for it. btw, you'll get used to handling both sails singlehanded quite easily. It's just part of sailing the boat. Remember when it gets windy, you can still cleat the headsail but, as in dinghy sailing, keep the mainsheet or traveler control in one hand...
  18. Joe

    Spinnaker halyard on 272

    I'd keep it all external. With a cleat on the mast for the foredeck crew to control the hoist, or a turning block at the base to run back to the cockpit. The halyard can be flipped around behind the spreaders to prevent it from slapping the mast while the boat's resting. You shouldn't need...
  19. Joe

    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    A beautiful testament to your dad. Thanks for sharing it with us. Losing your parents is confusing. We think we are prepared for their passing, yet we find we're not ready when it actually happens. Allow the grieving process to get you through this tough time and use your gift of writing...
  20. Joe

    170 Under Main Only

    Hate to be negative here, but if you really want a single sail boat.... why don't you buy a single sail boat? No sloop rigged, lightweight, non keel, boat is going to perform well under main alone. First of all, the mast on single sail boats (cat rig) is place forward of the boat's pivot point...