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    FP hose clamp failure

    My Fischer Panda Mini 12 generator shut down automatically when the exhaust manifold sensor reached 170 degrees. The FP panel also showed seawater temperature of 177 degrees incoming and 255 degrees outgoing. This was all caused by a hose clamp that corroded completely in half, letting seawater...

    Hunter 49/50 salon A/C replacement

    Needed to replace Marvair 16K A/C unit for salon. Unit is located under the floor and seemed impossible to get to. We did some poking around and realized floor over A/C unit is removable, once table floor mounts are removed. Hope pictures help others who face this job. BTW replacement was a...

    Hunter 49/50 Mamba steering issue

    While motoring out of my marina, I noticed the boat failing to respond to steering wheel inputs from the port helm. Luckily I was able to steer the boat from starboard wheel. Turned out that rod connected from port wheel mechanism to rudder quadrant had come apart. In port I was able to...

    Fischer Panda Mini 12 valve corrosion

    I have had to have the cylinder head removed and machined and the valves replaced due to salt water corrosion in my Fischer Panda Mini 12 , that was factory installed by Hunter. It appears that due to the limited space caused by the installation below the floor, the distance for the exhaust...

    HUNTER 49/50 Fischer Panda 12 Mini Generator noise

    When the generator is running I am getting a constant "ticking" noise most noticeable in the aft starboard cabin (especially when the floor hatch is removed), or when accessing the aft engine access from the hanging locker. The noise appears to be coming out of the water separator. I do not hear...

    Hunter 50 Raymarine Stng question

    I am in the process of replacing my defective SPX30 autopilot with a new ACU400 autopilot. The old fluxgate compass was connected to the SPX30 via a 5 wire connection, while the EV-1 connects via Stng. While installing the new EV-1 heading sensor, I found a Stng "T" connector for the depth...

    Raymarine SPX-30 autopilot repair

    Anyone know where I could get my autopilot computer repaired? Raymarine wants a fortune.

    Box thruster repair in water?

    The "hub" or gearbox installed in my Hunter 41DS needs replacement. It is a Lewmar 140TT part # 581001. I am wondering if it would be possible to dam up the starboard side of the tunnel, and then tip the boat over with the halyard enough to get the port end of the tunnel out of the water. The...

    Bulb type for steaming light, 2006 H41

    Hi All, Anyone know what type of bulb is used in the steaming light on a 2006 Hunter 41? Thanks

    Electronics overheating?

    3 weekends ago my both wind displays showing wind speed and direction (ST60 & ST70) stopped working when wind speed hit around 25 knots, and started working again about an hour and a half later when the wind speed decreased to around 15 knots. Soon after I removed the wood cover that encloses...

    PVC Thread sealant

    Anyone know what type of thread sealant Hunter used on the PVC threaded connections on the holding tank valve?

    Screeching noise from Bow Thruster

    I have had a number of issues with Lewmar 140TT bow thruster on my 41DS. Thruster worked perfectly before having boat hauled for bottom job. After hauling, thruster worked, but had electrical issue remedied by replacement "T" type fuse. Then had to replace shear pin which fell out of shaft...

    "T" Type Fuse

    Got to my 2007 Hunter 41DS 2 days ago. Tried to turn on the TV (which is fed 120 volts AC thru a dedicated 12 volt DC inverter), but TV would not turn on. Then I noticed that the 12 volt meter on DC panel was acting strangely. When I turned on a DC load such as the engine compartment blower, the...

    Replacing Jabsco pumps

    I am replacing my broken Jabsco maserator pump with a Seaflo unit. Of course the Jabsco broke by the bolts snapping because they are NOT made of stainless. This has happened on 2 Jabsco units, which is just amazing. When they snap, of course they leak which at best is disgusting and at worse can...

    Lazy Jacks Hunter 50

    Can anyone tell me how to correctly rig the lazy jacks? As I am not the original owner, I don't know if the sail cover is from Hunter? The system has a fixed cable with eye that extends from the spreaders, attached about 18" from the mast. The movable lines are then attached thru this eye, and...

    NMEA 0183 Connection in Hunter 50

    Does anyone know what is connected to the NMEA 0183 terminals on the Raymarine X30 autopilot in my 2011 Hunter 50? When I disconnected the connector all systems (GPS, depth, etc) worked fine. My paddle wheel for speed is kaput so I can't tell if anything changed. Also my VHF was still getting a...

    Battery for Raymarine SR 130

    Does anyone know the size number for the replacement battery?

    Removing freezer WAECO CB-40 from Hunter 49/50

    Need to replace one of the 2 freezers in my Hunter 50. Ordered new one from WM. Anyone have any advise on removal?

    Replacing Raymarine RS 130 GPS Antenna

    I am having issues with the GPS heading indication on my Raymarine E120. As indicated by the RED vector line, it sometime is correct and is sometimes out by up to 120 degrees. Sometimes it responds correctly after I turn the boat in a circle, sometimes not. Green vector line works correctly...

    Halyard line not holding in rope clutch

    After raising my main sail and setting the rope clutch, the line does not hold but slips back about a foot. I believe the problem is the double braid I am using is too loosely weaved and gets pinched by the clutch. It has been suggested that I need a tighter weaved braid, one that is NOT...