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  1. sail sfbay

    Easily removeable port visors / a great DIY project !

    Very clever.............I like it when sailors add value to their boats!!
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    Medicare requires a permanent residential address. What do cruisers do?

    Get a PO Box? I get mail from Medicare and my Medicare Supplement provider from time to time, albeit useless. Prefer their email communication.
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    361 Oceanis Steering

    Welcome to the forum!! Disappointing when the owner's manual does not document the component manufacturer AND worst yet the part is not labled with the manufacturer. This thread indicates the steering system was supplied by Tides Marine Beneteau 361 stiff steering | Sailboat Owners Forums and...
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    Quick question - raw water intake hose type/size Hunter 40.5

    Page 61 of the owner's manual posted on this site under 40.5 downloads indicates the coolant water line is 1 inch diameter.
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    Available boat slip in New Smyrna Florida area

    Welcome to the forum!! Suggest emailing or calling each marina Search - marinas near New Smyrna florida (
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    Challenger: yawl vs. sloop rig

    Welcome to the forum!! Are you referring to Challenger's produced by Challenger Yachts Corp located at Wilmington CA - Sailboat built by Challenger Yachts Corp ? If so, some were reportedly sloops and others were cutters or a ketch. This thread highlights that some...
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    Winterizing 272le

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new sailboat!! These articles discuss the steps to winterize your sailboat: How to Winterize Your Sailboat | Life of Sailing AND How to Winterize Your Sailboat - Sailrite and I would add......change the engine oil and filter and remove all the food.
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    Ouch!! Some tips proposed in this thread on the same subject Wasp in Mast/Sail | SailNet Community. One option in post #2 is to "take the boat out sailing. Wasps are not really into sailing."
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    Beneteau 43 Main Line Replacement

    I looked for the line length in the manual and did not find it listed. Absence of that, I always measure by replacing the existing line with a tag line that I sew each ends to, disconnect and measure and then reverse the process to install the new line.
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    H34 Compression Post

    Have you seen these? Hunter 34 Compression post replacement. - YouTube AND H34 Compression Post Rennovation - This will be a long one... | Sailboat Owners Forums
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    Beneteau 43 Main Line Replacement

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new sailboat!! Can you pull it out and replace it with a tag line then measure it and add length for splicing?
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    Fixed Dock Piling Pulley System

    Assume you do not have dock fingers on the aft end of the slip..........if so, that is clever.
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    Colvic Countess 28

    That is a twin or bilge keel boat designed for the large tide change (nearly 40 ft) and allow the sailboat to rest upright in the harbor bottom (mud, sand, etc.) at low tide which I experienced while living in Scotland and Wales for 6 years. Boat stats: - COUNTESS 28 (COLVIC)...
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    Rudder Repair - Wet Core, Split

    Can you post photo(s)? What is the problem..........water intrusion? Do a search on this site on "ruder repair" and you will see many threads on this subject.
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    Cabin Wall Strength Question if Increase Window Opening Size

    Photos might help. What is the existing window dimensions, thickness and whether framed or frameless and fixed or opening vs. proposed new ones and where are they located? Also, consider the pros and cons of acryic vs. polycarbonate as discuued in these links Plexiglass (acrylic) or Lexan...
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    Tiller Tamers for 1965 Widgeon

    These threads discusses options: Is a tiller tamer worth it? | Sailboat Owners Forums AND post #4 shows this Widgeon's setup 1970 O'Day Widgeon Restoration | Sailboat Owners Forums. You might find this article on tiller tamers helpful: Tiller Taming with Two Fingers - Practical Sailor...
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    Asymmetrical Rigging ideas

    Joe.....thanks for mentioning the use of a tacker.
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    Hunter 34 deck non skid needs painting

    Is it patterned?
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    H280 Rudder Depth?

    Easy..........copy the diagram from this site and scale it relative to the 5 foot long fin keel - HUNTER 280 Sailboat OR jump in the water with a weight belt and tape measure and measure it.
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    Asymmetrical Rigging ideas

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new sailboat!! Attach the tack to the end of the bow forward of the jib then to a cleat and clew to spin sheets to an aft turning blocks then to a winch in the cockpit. Refer to the following link on rigging an asym on your sailboat: Rigging the...