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  1. mattbillenstein

    How to tell when one needs new sails

    Hi, I have a 1988 capri 22 and the sails are in working order, no tears or frays or anything, but they are probably fairly old - the sail numbers are cracked and peeling. How do I tell if it's time for replacement? Can I measure the draft of the sail somehow to get an idea? My main seems really...
  2. mattbillenstein

    Jib sheet cars

    Hi, I have two sets of cars on my 1988 Capri 22 - one set right in front of the cockpit winches, and one set on the cabin top. I've normally rigged the furling jib inside the shrouds to the cabin-top cars, then to the cars in front of the winch. This setup seems to make it hard to flatten out...