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  1. Dil

    Anemometer repair upper Barnagate bay

    Any one known who I might be able to call to fix my anemometer. I'm in Brick on Metedeconk I think it might be a connection at the mast head but I'm not will or able to get to the top of the mast to check. Thanks
  2. Dil

    Sail question

    Recently I purchased a new sail Today I noticed near the head of the sail the leach makes contact with the back stay. This seems like an error to me should the leach be able to make contact with the back stay? Seems like over time the leach will fray
  3. Dil

    How do i fix the fuel guage?

    Hi all have a 1991 hunter 30 having issues with the fuel guage it registers however it is stuck at a 1/4 tank how do I fix this?
  4. Dil

    Manasquan NJ to Block Island

    Hello all, Planning a trip from Manasquan to Block island on a three day hop. I am unfamiliar with the inlets where I plan on entering to stop and anchor for the night. Looking for any insight you might be able to give me. My first stop would be through fire island inlet anchoring up a mile...
  5. Dil

    picking a new sail - help

    I am looking to purchase new sails for my Hunter 30T, I am a weekend cruiser for now I dont race have no interest in racing. I am a fair weather sailor wind over 25 i am not leaving the dock. I have recieved quotes for North Sails, UK sails, and Doyle sails. the UK sails are more than I want to...
  6. Dil

    where would you expect to find aftermarket voltage regulator

    well still having issues with my charging system 30T 1991 Hunter yanmar 2gm shore power and charger working just fine took the alternator out had it tested it is good looks like someone upgraded it at some point to a 100amp unit. Not an internal regulated hitachi, now am hunting for the voltage...
  7. Dil

    basic marine electrical system help

    so on my way back to dock the other day I got a low battery warning. I started the motor and continued on assuming this would charge my batteries. I had the motor running for a few hours. when I got back to dock I noticed the batteries did not seem to have taken any charge. I plugged the boat in...
  8. Dil

    head question

    new to marine heads having an issue with the water in the toilet filling back into the bowl. I do not use the raw water intake and only use fresh water from the shower. Everything pumps out when I pump the handle but leaks back in. I have tried lubrication. I assume this must be a bad valve?
  9. Dil

    local knowledge point pleasant canal current flow

    Hi all, Will soon be coming in to the Manasquan inlet and down the point pleasant canal for the first time. looking for insight as to the best time to enter the canal to have minor current on the bow as i head into the Metediconk river. thanks