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    I just bought a C30 yesterday!!

    Congratulations on the boat You didn't mention what year the boat was built. There was a service bulletin regarding the keel stub you may find interesting. Regarding glassing over the wooden keel stub.
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    GFCI trouble shooting

    Need more info; like how long have you been using the 15a outlet?
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    GFCI trouble shooting

    Do you have a galvanic isolator onboard?
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    What’s in your toolkit?

    Kim BTW...the magnetic pick up tool doesn't work on SS , that's why the grabber is essential. The magnet will pick up the cheap steel tools that cannot be reached when they slide and disappear. The cheap tools won't break your heart when they go overboard. And if you save the cheesy floating key...
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    What’s in your toolkit?

    Typically, one can see the part they what to work on, or touch the part.... but never both
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    110 circuit problem

    Should only trip the GFI not take out the main breaker.... Main breaker could be faulty from abusing the system by operating at or above it's rating. The breaker should be rated for 80% of the full load current
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    110 circuit problem

    Check that the terminations on the breaker and power cord inlet are properly torqued are free of corrosion
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    Will my fire extinguisher blow if I...

    Are you sure that's not filled with Halon? Regardless...... It's difficult to put it back in the tank.
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    Exhaust hose replacement

    Find a six inch piece of closet rod or similar a join the old hose and new one using short deck screws and pull it through. Have a teenager or someone small and wirery helping to feed and push it through the tight spots going back and feeding
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    Which Bottom Paint for Lake Minnetonka?

    Just copied and pasted right from the Petit recommendations:
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    Which Bottom Paint for Lake Minnetonka?

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    Which Bottom Paint for Lake Minnetonka?

    The active ingredients in Vivid can settle over time, especially if the paint has been on the shelf for several months. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using. If possible, shake the can of paint on a mechanical paint shaker. Before using, check the sides and bottom of the can...
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    Which Bottom Paint for Lake Minnetonka?

    As Dave suggested, how often do you paint? For simplicity, you just want to clean the bottom well and repaint with the Vivid. Since the boat is on a trailer, no concerns about drying time. Other products my not be as easy to over-coat the existing paint. Contact the Petit company because...
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    VHF antenna problem

    What size is the coax installed going up to the mast head? Too often the length from the radio transmitter, through the boat and the up the mast can reach 100'. If the coax installed is not sized to consider the length it can cause tremendous SWR and greatly reduce signal strength. This will...
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    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    Interestingly no one has mentioned keel hanger casing and associated hardware. As suggested, go to Catalina Direct. There are several tutorials on maintenance, lifting hardware (ie: diagrams of winch), as well as the history of the retractable keel. There is also a wealth of information from the...
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    Now I know why....

    But remember there's always a flip side, you don't have to worry about ice for your drinks
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    Boats not winterized

    I'd be more concerned about an unattended heater left on then the little bit of chilly temps. The last thing I would want is a neighbor at the marina or boat yard with a heater left on, and nobody on board.... imho
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    New main sail

    No more then the air "escapes" under the boom. However, good question, you could ask your sailmaker. Most will tell you a loose footed main trims better, and unless you are looking to collect rain water during a look cruise, there is no advantage to a footed main. Even when reefing...
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    Adding shore power outlet

    There should be a transfer switch to prevent the exposed blades of the other power inlet from being energized and creating a hazard. The screw cover of the power inlet should not be the sole protection from exposed live terminals
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    Max Horsepower Rating 20 ft sailboat

    All this is interesting coming from the perspective of owning both a 22 and 25 both of which were sailed from and back to the dock. Once in a great while only needing the small 2hp (7 hp long-shaft) to get that last 500 yards back to the dock when the wind died late in the evening. The long...