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  1. Marybeth and Rip

    what kind of steering does Hunter sailboats use?

    Specifically, 1987 Hunter 31 I am interested in the Lewmar folding wheel and they have two kinds. One for Lewmar/Whitlock wheels with a tapered hub and an Edson type with a parallel hub. Does anyone know what kind of steering Hunter sailboats used? Thanks, Rip
  2. Marybeth and Rip

    Charge Light on all the time when engine running

    While on a two week cruise, the Charge Light on our Yanmar engine panel came on and has been on ever since when the engine is running and the key is on. We checked the output of the alternator, the IC regulator and the isolating diode. All are okay. We checked for AC output on the DC circuit...
  3. Marybeth and Rip

    How To Post Photos & Effective Use of Links

    Great Explanation Thanks but I still could not get a photo to Upload from my computer. I use IrfanView. I shrank it to 426x280 pixels, 19.8 kb size, and 72 ppi resolution. I still get the "errors on upload" message. Maybe the Forum rejects photos from non-Babes. Rip :)
  4. Marybeth and Rip

    Options for the new Hunter 38?

    Does anyone know where we can find the prices for Options that are available as factory or dealer installation on the new Hunter 38? They are not on the Hunter web site and we don't want to get involved with a dealer yet.
  5. Marybeth and Rip

    What do you use for cradle pads?

    We are refurbishing our cradle. It is 20 years old. The four pads have plywood squares with carpet on them. Both the plywood and the carpeting is falling apart. The stern of the cradle has a long curved tray with 2x4's laying in it, also covered by carpet. What should we put on the pads? Is...
  6. Marybeth and Rip

    Lake Michigan Hunter Sailing Assn Spring Brunch

    Spring Brunch Meeting Sunday, April 15th, 2007 11:30 a.m. cash bar, Brunch at Noon 94th Aero Squadron 1070 S. Milwaukee Ave. ( Hwy 21), Wheeling, IL 60090. That is on the east side of the old Palwaukee Airport (now called the Chicago Executive Airport).
  7. Marybeth and Rip

    Heard of Victory Products?

    I am looking at a combo steaming/foredeck light made by Victory Products. Has anyone heard of them or any experience with their products. I think they are from Canada.
  8. Marybeth and Rip

    Battery location on Hunter 31

    I am interested in moving my batteries to a new location. They are currently over the shaft. Has anyone moved them to another location?
  9. Marybeth and Rip

    Plastic hardware for pleated curtains

    We have pleated curtains on our 1987 Hunter 31 that I think are original. We need to find the plastic buttons that hang the curtains. Does anyone know a source for those or has anyone changed to a different curtain and have the old ones still? Thanks. Marybeth & Rip Dulcinea II
  10. Marybeth and Rip

    Rendezvous in Milwaukee for Hunter owners

    The Lake Michigan Hunter Sailing Association is having a Rendezvous at the Milwaukee Yacht Club this weekend. Any Hunter owner is welcome to join us. We are having a picnic dinner Friday night followed by fireworks provided by Festa Italiana. Saturday, members and guests will explore downtown...
  11. Marybeth and Rip

    Strictly Sail Chicago at Navy Pier Feb 3-6

    We are really looking forward to the Strictly Sail Show. We go every year and enjoy looking at the new boats and taking in the seminars. This year we are working at the Lake Michigan Hunter Sailing Association table. I understand it will be set up in front of the Hunter display. We would love...
  12. Marybeth and Rip

    Pleated Shades on ports of 1987 31 foot Hunter

    Hi, I am looking for the white plastic tie-down buttons used with pleated shades on old Hunters. They go below the ports and are used to attach an elastic loop that holds the shade down. They attach to the wall with one screw. They are kind-of mushroom shaped, maybe half an inch high and 3/8...