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  1. rukidn

    Maine Sail

    We've just learned that Rod Collins aka Maine Sail suffered a hemorrhagic stroke last week. He is out of ICU and headed into rehab. (There is another post on SBO by Phil Herring at Maine Sail update Rod had been a mentor and marine electrical guru to us all, and let's keep him in our thoughts...
  2. rukidn

    Sealing cabin top seams

    A while back I posted the rebuild of our companionway hatch cover. Moisture damage. Now I need to reinstall and caulk the seams. After reviewing so much online information, I remain confused as to the best choice to caulk these seams. Not 5200, other 3M sealants yellow, some chalk like Lifecalk...
  3. rukidn

    Hull Damage

    We launched on Friday with no trouble and I piloted Brio the 20 cold minutes to our marina. We began moving in and as I was stowing some items in the starboard quarter, I noticed cracks in the area under the berth where the stands had been. One crack was wet and seeping; fortunately slowly...
  4. rukidn

    Moisture damage

    Last summer we discovered the cabin top panel covering the companionway slide was wet. We found a crack under the narrow sliding area oozing brown water. I traced the source to snaps added by the PO for a canvas cover. I bought an Eletrophysics CT33 moisture meter recommended by Maine Sail, and...
  5. rukidn

    Alternator adjustment bracket

    I've just replaced my failed OE Mando alternator with the Compass Marine CMI-72-IR same frame size unit. The adjustment arm was marginal before and definitely won't work with the new alternator. Has anyone found an available bracket that works to swing the alternator farther away from the...
  6. rukidn


    We just completed a week of long distance motoring, with multiple 60-80 mile legs. (Minimal wind for most of the trip). We noticed that the voltmeter had become "noisy", varying rapidly by about +/- one volt. The tach and other instruments are rock steady. The batteries are charging and we noted...
  7. rukidn

    Catalina 310 Polars

    I'm playing around with weather routing (Open CPN) and wondering if anyone has polars for our boat. We aren't racers, just a learning exercise, but planning a long trip and would be interesting to play with the weather routing capabilities. Searching this forum and online, I've found nothing for...
  8. rukidn

    Steering Failure!

    We were pointing hard yesterday on our way to anchor overnight at Kellys Island. When we tacked we had sudden steering failure. We got the sails furled and down quickly and were lucky to be in open, deep water. We immediately deployed the emergency tiller, but before motoring back to our marina...
  9. rukidn

    Perko swivel hasps

    Has anyone replaced the Perko swivel hasps on their cockpit / anchor lockers? The standard Perko chrome plated zinc replacement are flat, and those on most lockers have been bent or curved to fit. It is easy to see the fractures in the chrome plating due to the bending, thus the premature...
  10. rukidn

    Keel Bolt Maintenance

    My keel was weeping when I pulled the boat last fall and I've been immersed in repair and refair. I'll start another thread on that soon. During the repairs I wanted to reseal and re-torque the nine keel bolts, which has not been done in the 4 years we've owned the boat. What I found was a mess...
  11. rukidn

    Multifunction Display: CHIRP Sonar Transducer

    We've been thinking of adding a MultiFunction Display (MFD). Primary use will be chartplotter and CHIRP Down Vision sonar. With Brio's fin keel and 6' draft, We'd like to see the rocks and wayward refrigerators on the bottom of Lake Erie while navigating at low speed. We've twice bumped off of...
  12. rukidn

    Nicro Cabin Vents

    Thinking about adding Nicro vents or equivalent this fall to help ventilate during our long Lake Erie Winter. Any suggestions on best locations for intake and exit vents? Best models? 3" or 4" sizes? Any experience is much appreciated.
  13. rukidn


    Our Brio was hit in the stern while in slip by a wayward Doral. A dockmate had a mechanical failure in 15k winds and hit us hard first then bounced lightly into another boat. Unfortunately, his wife tried to intervene between 30,000lb of boats and suffered a badly sprained ankle. Could have been...
  14. rukidn

    Sanitation hose lengths

    Anyone replace their sanitation hoses and record the required lengths? We would like to order the hoses ahead of time to make quick work of this nasty project. Some good deals on 12.5' lengths from various distributors. Is this enough for the entire 1 1/2" runs? Thanks!
  15. rukidn

    Exhaust hose leak at through hull

    Had water in the rear bilge after two 30 minute out & in motoring sessions following a spirited Lake Erie sail this weekend. Checked after with engine running, and sure enough I have several quite significant leaks in the exhaust hose where it mates with the through hull. How on earth do I get...
  16. rukidn

    Moving to Lake Erie

    I've just accepted a job in Northern Ohio and will be challenged by moving our boat from Galveston Bay to Lake Erie. So much to consider... We've enjoyed the nearly year-round sailing and relatively smooth waters of the Kemah and Galveston areas and are wondering what lies in store on Lake...
  17. rukidn

    Anyone know what this is?

    I found this item on the boat and hope someone knows what it is. I have this haunting feeling that I should know. White plastic, looks like bone. As I write this, I am wondering if this unlocks the head and forward cabin doors...
  18. rukidn

    Heat exchanger zincs

    Anyone encountered and solved this trap? No way to get a new zinc into the heat exchanger without major work. Looks like I could loosen and rotate the heat exchanger, but I really don't want to disturb it.