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    Humorous statement on Wishful thinking for Sailboat pricing

    Just had to send this funny Craigslist Boat wanted add, it certainly puts sailboat costs into perspective. I had to read it twice, that is in inches not ft.
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    San Juan 28 Rudder depth

    It sure doesn’t and I just came back from the marina to take a few pictures of the grid which is now on a lower tide, wish someone could confirm for me based on their own San Juan 28 because I cannot for the life of me find any specifications indicating this rudder depth only overall draft...
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    San Juan 28 Rudder depth

    I am putting my boat on a tidal grid for the first time this Sunday morning to change zincs, touch up paint, and since this is my first time doing this, does anyone out there with a San Juan 28 know if the rudder will make contact sitting on the keel? I do not have any pictures of this profile...
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    To Drone or not to Drone?

    He flew it from a beach located nearby, away from the crowds and I was told he can fly it up to 4 km away. I phoned him when we were leaving the marina and then minutes later it was there doing his filming. I have seen them launch from vessels on the internet but from land it is obviously safer...
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    To Drone or not to Drone?

    Thought I would put this out there as I did have someone who is a “Professional” do this for me and thought it was kind of cool to see what others can see. A picture was just put on the Good Old Boat audioseastories and it was kind and certainly very special for me to see visually this picture...
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    Another day on the water

    There is a little bit of a story to that name as 6 years ago I came down with Herpes Simplex Encephalitis , caused my brush with death and problems due to my permanent brain injury, long story short, I still struggle with memory and names so therefore my wife came up with it, because when I was...
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    Another day on the water

    Had a beautiful day last week in the Comox harbour and had someone use his drone to put it together with music which says it all...sailing for the mind and heart... Knotaklu
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    I guess I’ve been living under a rock...

    I lost interest when my wife said she is getting up at 3 a.m...and not that I was ever interested, we made plans to head out on the boat for a couple of days, I will be sleeping and thinking about far better things not the royal pain oops wedding....
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    Spring cleaning etc
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    Favorite sailing pic!

    Many beautiful pictures, here is one I took in September, not much wind but still a real pleasure out off Comox, BC 'Knotaklu' .... (I still don't have a clue) San Juan 28, work in progress..
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    1979 San Juan Bilge question ?

    I purchased a 1983 San Juan 28 this spring and have been trying to get everything up to speed. It came with a bilge pump located by the keel bolts and I installed a low profile pump directly under the Yanmar Ym15 which is the low point by the engine. Found some leaks on topside and had to...
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    Loss of power Yanmar 4jh4-hte

    I had a similar issue with my Yanmar 2 YM15, it would only run up to 1800-2000 rpm even while sitting at the dock. We checked the fuel filters, fuel supply, and bled the system to no avail. The Yanmar mechanic had a feeling it was not injectors but rather some blockage in the exhaust manifold...
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    New San Juan 28 owner - propellor question

    Thanks for the info. But we did find the problem. The exhaust elbow was completely plugged which prevented the engine from going to the higher rpm, had to replace all the elbows and fittings and it revs up to the max. Rpm no problem. We are now working on cleaning up the DC wiring and found the...
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    New San Juan 28 owner - propellor question

    Hi all Just purchased a 1983 San Juan 28 up in Campbell River 6 days ago, and very excited about getting it fully equipped, found many interesting pieces on your web site. We just had it lifted as the packing was leaking and found the shaft not aligned perfectly. Long story short, this has...