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  1. Fly_H23

    26C, S, D... what's the difference?

    I'm very familiar with the Mac 25, I owned a Venture 22 a long time ago. I just don't like the heavy keel/winch setup. I agree, a Mac 25 is fast!
  2. Fly_H23

    Boat Babe on Strike!

    "Empty Pockets" is for sale again? I couldn't help but notice the fine Lass in the Craigslist photos.
  3. Fly_H23

    Solo overboard

    I fell off a Laser 2 while racing with the spinnaker flying in a 10 gusting to 15 breeze. My crewman was still on and tossed me a line and I was drug along behind the boat. As it slowed down to 1-2 knots I was able to grab the rudder blade and wrestle myself back aboard with help from my...
  4. Fly_H23

    MacGregor 22

    Insurance on a Mac 22? If you have homeowners policy it should cover you.
  5. Fly_H23

    MacGregor 22

    You're probably limited to about 10 HP. Buy a newer 4 stroke motor if your budget allows or a good reliable 2 stroke. Since the bay is known for currents you're going to want the max size your boat allows. If you're new to boating, to take a Coast Guard safety class and find someone to teach...
  6. Fly_H23

    Hunter 216 Keel Eye Repair

    Was the hole no reinforced or just a hole drilled/cast in lead? It's amazing that the factory design failed on such a relatively new boat! I like the repairs you made and interested how it holds up long term.
  7. Fly_H23

    Lots of 26M for sale

    Tattoo Yachts shows their mailing address as same one of the UPS Store in Palm Beach. Probably renting a PO box. Too bad they didn't "stay afloat".
  8. Fly_H23

    Looking for Swing Keel

    I totally understand how a centerboard works but on an O'Day 25/26 the centerboard is a deployed under a shoal draft keel. With it up or "missing" this particular boat still has enough fix keel to provide good lateral resistance. The difference in pointing, VMG (speed) or whatever you like to...
  9. Fly_H23

    Reasonable price for O'Day 272 ?

    If it's condition is excellent, it might be a good deal. Go look at 4-5 other similarly priced boats and you'll have your answer.
  10. Fly_H23

    Looking for Swing Keel

    I could never tell any difference on our Oday 26 with the board up or down. Always got the same speed. My wife actually said, "maybe you should dive under while she raises and lowers it to see if it's really there".
  11. Fly_H23

    Sun Cat water in the hull

    When you say the centerboard trunk deteriorated do you mean the sealant/gasket around the stainless or something else? Good to hear a boat builder stand behind their product so well.
  12. Fly_H23

    Lots of 26M for sale

    Given that the 26M is the highest selling boat of its size it's not surprising. I'm impressed with the values or perceived values.
  13. Fly_H23

    Looking at a horizon cat moving up from a 5.5 S2. Thoughts

    They are nice, see other posts on this site about possible leaks around the keel trunk.
  14. Fly_H23

    Sun Cat water in the hull

    Good info as I'm in the market for a Suncat. I have found the simplest way to find a leak. While on its trailer, add water via garden hose and crawl under the trailer to find the leak. Of course you'll need to start with a dry boat inside and out.
  15. Fly_H23

    A Bad Taste

    Always pays to check on local events and have a backup plan or reservation. I would totally write negative reviews since they never responded AND had the nerve to charge you. I'd probably had tied up anywhere and then let them find me.
  16. Fly_H23

    Polycarbonate Hunters hull cracking

    True, but I've seen enough cracked ACP boats to realize it's not from abuse or a bad batch of plastic. I love these boats, the style and design are functional and they sail well. I've even gotten good results repairing cracks on both 170's I've owned. They are becoming bargain priced boats due...
  17. Fly_H23

    problems with cracks on Hunter 216

    Dave, when I wrote them asking for a price on a new 18' fiberglass hull, I never even got a reply. I wasn't asking for a warranty or even a discount just a price. Perhaps I should approach a Hunter/Marlow dealer? It would seem like a great PR program if they had a simple order process for the...
  18. Fly_H23

    Polycarbonate Hunters hull cracking

    I've seen cracks in ACP hulls as old as my first Hunter 170 built in 1998 (bought used in 2010) and as new as a 2008 Hunter 216 last week. Perhaps the replacement hulls were better in some respects?
  19. Fly_H23

    problems with cracks on Hunter 216

    While it's a year old thread, I'll just add my experience with ACP Hunters. Every one I've looked at in the past ten years has had cracks. Out of dozens that I looked at, all have had small 2-3" cracks and up to 3-4 foot long cracks! While the new company may choose to not do anything, it's...
  20. Fly_H23

    Rudder lift lines are frayed

    I used a home made sling to keep my rudder up when not sailing. Just drill a hole on the back edge and put a shackle on it to tie a line on it and connected to the end of my boom.