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    Trying to understand this modified 40.5 rigging!

    Hello all, I do not remember what rabbit hole I was going down but found this old 40.5 listing in New South Wales, apparently it made it there across the pacific so :yeah:. Hunter 40.5 Legend Of course the listing is lacking a lot of info but I want to learn! It does not appear to have the...
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    Yanmar 4JH2E Impeller Source

    Hello All, Anyone have a source for replacement impellers for the Yanmar 4JH2E? I have found catalina direct has some. Unfortunately this site does not. Thanks
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    Shaft and Strut Material

    Hell all, Anyone know what the original strut and shaft material for the legend series was? Just hauled out and definitely need some antfoul love. Thanks
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    40.5 Aft Berth Leak

    Hello Everyone We just had a rain storm and I did not have the transition between my dodger and bimini up and now I got water dripping into my aft berth! :) I am adding to the list of things to fix (exciting!) Anyone else have this issue? I think what is happening is water is getting into...
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    Legend Toe rail strength question.

    Hello all, Just some early morning ruminating! On the legend series just how strong is that toe rail? I would image give that it is the rub rail and deck joint combined it has to be pretty damn strong for forward and back/up and down but what about left/right? I wonder if it is strong enough...
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    Legend 40.5 Removing the Traveler

    Hello all! Got a relatively new to me 40.5 and am working through some of the problems of a 25 year old boat and previous owners. Not my first legend. In what I am convinced can only be explained as a drunken fit over a lost line and badly designed seahood a previous owner mutilated said hood...