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  1. JRacer

    So, this countdown clock

    It's making me anxious! I think I'm going to need to go to a "safe space". Do we have one? :biggrin::deadhorse::cowbell:
  2. JRacer

    Going off the grid for a while - I'm Back!!!!!!

    Well, kids, I'm "Off to see the Wizard". Leaving in the morning for Brunswick GA. Then a few days of last minute boat prep on a Jeanneau 53. Plan is to depart Brunswick Sunday morning (least worst conditions as far as we can tell for a GS crossing) for a delivery to Tortola. Expecting an 8 day...
  3. JRacer

    Where can I get a PDF of Chapmans?

    Anybody know where I can download a PDF copy of the current Chapman's Piloting Book? All the sites the I find when I Google it look a bit "hinky" to me. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I would certainly feel more comfortable if I was going to a publisher or traditional bookstore site rather than...
  4. JRacer

    Volvo Penta 2002 Engine Anode Location

    Wanting to replace the anode (zinc) in my First 310's Volvo Penta 2002 engine. I am presuming that it has never been replaced - boat has always been fresh water. I have the parts explosion of the cylinder head from VP Parts Express and it appears that the anode is supposed to be on the front of...
  5. JRacer

    Sources for Douka (Makore) Wood?

    Looking for a source to get some Douka (Makore/African Mahogony). That is the wood that was used on the interior of my B310. Need a half inch thick panel about 24X24 and a board 1.75 X .5 X 72-80. Have located one source (Advantage Lumber) but they seem pretty expensive. May just be the nature...
  6. JRacer

    A/C Seawater Pump Size Question

    My First 310 has an older 12,000 BTU Marine Air AC Unit (circa 1997). The seawater pump it uses is a 10 GPM March Pump. I have no idea whether this pump is the one installed when the AC unit was put in or if it is a later replacement. I am not impressed with the amount of water I see coming out...
  7. JRacer

    Fuel Filter water separator recommendations

    My Beneteau First 310 has a Volvo Penta 2002 BT HE LD engine. I am looking at changing out the factory fuel filter/separator and replacing it with a Racor and a vacuum gauge. The filter I am referencing is the one between the tank and the engine. Question is: What Racor filter/separator to use...
  8. JRacer

    Flying Fortress

    Not every day that you get a flyover at the yacht club from a restored B29 Super Fortress happened this morning at Ninnescah Sailing Assn - Doc, recently restored by many of the original builders here in Wichita.
  9. JRacer

    Opinions BVI v St Maarten

    Planning another bareboat island trip this fall. Been to the BVI a few times. Usual 7-10 day loop out of Tortola hitting multiple islands including Anegada and Jost VD. Been to Sint Maarten before - on the island and close offshore helping run a World Champs regatta but not sailing around...
  10. JRacer

    Awesome Video Bene 10R overhauled by Andrews 77

    Here is a cool video, about half way down the page, of a Beneteau 10R getting passed by an Andrews 77 in a race on Lake Michigan. The 10R looks like it's standing still.
  11. JRacer

    Opinions Neil Pryde Sails

    So, what's your experiences with NP Sails? Good, bad indifferent? Want to hear it all. Quality Price Longevity Service Etc
  12. JRacer

    First 310 OEM Headsail

    Anybody know what size head sail was "stock" on the First 310?
  13. JRacer

    So School me on the ICW around St Augustine

    Been doing some research on some land my mom has in FL. It's in St Augustine, approx 1/2 to a mile inland from the beach. Looking at Google Earth, I see what looks like the ICW running between her ground and the coast. So, tell me about that area and tell me about how/where someone would slip a...
  14. JRacer

    Number of Poles - Volvo Penta 2002B - Alternator

    Does anyone know the number of poles that the stock alternator on a Volvo Penta 2002B diesel motor has? I have to calibrate a new tach and need that information to calculate the proper setting to program the new tach.
  15. JRacer

    B First 310 Electrical Breakers/Panel Parts

    I had to add some breakers to my 92 Beneteau First 310. Back of the breaker panel shows it was made by Bass Products. Found them at this site and they were able to provide the needed breakers, LED indicator lights and labels to ID the breakers. Very helpful. Their technical people identified the...
  16. JRacer

    Pumping out fresh water tank-End of Season

    Any risks to be concerned about when pumping out my fresh water tank (has quite a bit of water in it). Question is: Is the pump at risk if I just open up the taps and let it pump it dry or nearly dry?
  17. JRacer

    B 310 Pedestal Steering System Question

    Does anyone know the make and model number of the standard factory pedestal steering system installed on a 1992 Beneteau 310? Trying to put our hands on an owners/maintenance manual. Thanks
  18. JRacer

    C&C 30-2 Buyer needs Owners to chime in please

    I am looking at an 88 30-2. My interest is in racing and cruising. Can anyone provide feedback on their experiences with these boats in racing and cruising? Anything to look for or to look out for in buying one? Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  19. JRacer

    Beneteau 310 vs 32s5 - Owners chime in please

    I am coming out of a J24 that I have owned ad campaigned on racing circuits for 30 years. I am looking at larger boats and want something that is reasonably competitive and has the creature comforts of a bigger racer/cruiser. In the Beneteau line I have found that the 310 and the 32s5 both...