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    H240 hatch board storage?

    On my previous 240 I made a set of slotted brackets to hold the 3 boards vertical in the aft fuel locker. I used starboard and cut the slots to fit the thickness on a table saw. Probably more work than you wanted, but worked well for me, and keeps them out of the cabin. They do fit in that...
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    New H240 owner - portable toilet question

    That's good news- BTW I've had good luck with the Aqua-Kem chemical for the waste tank- really controls the odor well for several weeks. Good review of chemical brands here: Controlling Porta Potty Odor - Practical Sailor (
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    New H240 owner - portable toilet question

    My previous 240 had a Sanipottie brand portable toilet- made by Sealand (might be Dometic now). It had the metal hold-down brackets on the side. Since you have to fit under the hinged lid of the V-berth you might be limited to the smaller tank size. Note the Thetford MSD model on my current 260...
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    H260 Solar Panel

    In hindsight probably would have done the same if I knew the rail mounts would not hold the weight that far out and would need a third support anyway. Like your setup- mine is going to get some shading from the folded bimini and support poles, yours looks like it is high enough to avoid most of...
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    H260 Solar Panel

    My 260 has 2 batteries and came with a 15 watt flexible solar panel that was no longer charging- I measured 16V and only 5mA. I'm on a mooring, so no shore power. Time for an upgrade. I decided on a 50 watt Renogy solid frame panel mainly because it was largest that would fit the width of the...
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    Now have name on boat

    Love the name and the font she used!
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    The backing plate document that Crazy Dave mentioned shows the sizes of the backing plates. On the 260 #18 plates for the bow cleats are 3x6 inches if that helps.
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    A few 260 upgrades

    Can you share some details on your ACR install on a 260? Mounting location etc? Upgrading my solar charging and an ACR is on the list to keep both batteries charged. Thanks!
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    H 240 table

    Here's the stock 240 table in my previous boat- it mounts on a vertical slide-in bracket in the cabin and in the cockpit. The post does not fold or detach, so a bit awkward to store when not in use.
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    Shroud on deck

    The old style rubber retaining plugs are now made by Hayn- sized for the wire diameter: Departments - Hayn T-Bar Backing Plate Retaining Plugs - Rubber ( The new style retainers are sold on this site and attach with a rivet, so don't fall out and get lost: Hunter 240 standing...
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    Hunter 240 Electrical Panel

    Also check the negative bus, which on my 240 was a bolt connecting all the ring terminals on the black wires to the negative lead from the battery. Probably something simple, as it looks pretty clean. According to the manual there is supposed to be a fuse on the main positive lead from the...
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    External shore power connection.

    Hey Dave, no, my 240 did not have shore power. Shore power on the 260 I have now was installed by you, with the connection on the aft wall of the port cockpit locker. I think this location works well- out of the weather, there is enough of a gap on the locker lid for the cord to pass without...
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    H26 Lightning ground

    My 240 had a heavy gauge ground wire attached to the mast step running through the deck down along the wood compression post to the plate bolted to centerboard bracket. I assumed this was some sort of lightning protection. On my 260 there is no wire, but the compression post is metal and welded...
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    mast raising pole attachment

    Not on all 240's or 260's. Both my 1998 240 and now my 1998 260 use a different mast base that has 2 vertical "tabs" on the front with holes. No hole in the mast. The mast raising pole on this style attaches to the tabs with a pin that goes though a hole in the base of the pole, and rotates on...
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    Is this board falling out of the well or should it be this low on the trailer?

    Don't be concerned about the amount of centerboard showing- that looks normal to me when on the trailer. It does not retract all the way into the hull. Looks identical to my previous H240.
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    Considering a Hunter 240

    John, Saw a nice 2003 240 for sale in western Kentucky. Here's the link: Kentucky Lake Marina Boat Sales | Lighthouse Landing Resort & Marina
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    H260 Model Year Differences?

    Yes, I think it was. Battery selector switch and shore power outlet are on the aft wall of the port cockpit locker- that's how you did it right? And according to the 1998 title I got, the boat was originally sold to someone in Cary, NC.
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    H260 Model Year Differences?

    Guess they ran out of the reinforced style stanchions the week they built my boat:biggrin: Maybe it was not a model year change- but varied depending on supplier. Here's my '98 260 without the brackets:
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    H260 Model Year Differences?

    One other thing I noticed when I was looking- they changed the stern rail attachment on the 2 forward supports. The older ones have the supports mounted on the lip of the deck/hull joint. The newer ones have the posts attached on the vertical face of the coaming: newer: older, like my '98...
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    H260 Model Year Differences?

    Here's a picture of the newer stanchion- my '98 does not have the bracket that wraps around the base.