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  1. Mikem

    Race photos from Bremerton, Wa. April 24, 2021

    When I am not working on my son or daughter's boat or rebuilding the 5.9 Cummins diesel on my oldest son's truck I did get on the water Saturday for a club race. Some how my crew and I missed the two preliminary starting blasts and the only one we heard was actually the one minute warning and...
  2. Mikem

    1984 Hunter 37c conversion to sloop

    My daughter has a 1984 Hunter 37c. What is involved to convert it to a sloop? If the baby stay is removed does that affect the structural integrity of the mast? Thanks.
  3. Mikem

    Good Read

    The book was published in 2013 and some of you may have already read, “The Gathering Wind, Hurricane Sandy, the Sailing Ship Bounty and a Courageous Rescue at Sea.” I remember pictures on this forum of the Bounty engineering spaces and they were atrocious. Great read and highly recommended.
  4. Mikem

    Family Hunter Rendezvous

    From left to right. My daughter in her new to her 1984 H37, Harmonic, me in our 2003 H466 Wings of Gold, and my son in his 2000 H410 Gratitude. Returning to port after a day on the water
  5. Mikem

    Black bilge water

    I’ve always had an inch or so of fresh water in my bilge while always moored I salt water. One day recently I was stunned to see it absolutely black . I tried pressure washing, steam cleaning...all with various soaps. No joy. The water did not smell nor was it oily . I might have read it in...
  6. Mikem

    Catalina 30 and 5411 diesel what prop is best for power

    My daughter has a 1982 tall rig Catalina 30 with the venerable 5411 diesel. It has a two blade Gori 13" x 9" folding prop. After repairing, cleaning ( the 1 5/8" ID riser was down to 1/4") and reinstalling the heat riser the engine does not overheat and it revs up to 2976 rpm at WOT. Rated...
  7. Mikem

    20 hp Beta as Repower for 1982 C-30

    Considering a Beta 20 hp diesel as a repower engine for my daughter's 1982 C-30. It currently has the original 5411, 2-1 reduction gear, 3000 rpm, and a Gori two blade folding prop, 13 x 9 rh. With a clean bottom and WOT and no wind or current it will hit 5.4 kts GPS. My question is will a...
  8. Mikem

    Catalina 30 Holding tank

    The issue on this new to my daughter 1982 C-30 is that the holding tank is full and cannot be pumped out. Twice the pumpout facility has been unable to remove anything from the tank. I removed the vent line from the top of the tank today intending to attempt another pumpout and determine if...
  9. Mikem

    Marlow Hunter

    Trying to end speculation on the status of Marlow Hunter i did something unusual. I called them and here is what I learned. They are open for business 8-5 Monday -Friday. They are trying to consolidate and move out of Alachua as it is a high tax and regulatory location. As to the new location...
  10. Mikem

    Marlow Hunter is it for sale

    This seems like a never ending question but a thread appeared yesterday stating that the Alachua, Fl plant was for sale. The thread was locked so I could not reply to that or copy the real estate ad. The ad has 29 pictures of the 38 acre plant and describes it as a former boat building...
  11. Mikem

    Repower choice for 1982 C-30 with 5411 universal diesel

    This 1982 C-30 tall rig will sail the Pacific Northwest. Strong currents and sometimes narrow channels and light summer winds. The present 5411, raw water cooled seems grossly underpowered. What engine will allow it to achieve hull speed, fit in the same space, and be easy to maintain (readily...
  12. Mikem

    Catalina 30, tall rig, 1982 running rigging

    Does anyone have the lengths of main and jib halyard, Genoa sheets, main sheet, and traveler control? I can buy from Catalina Direct each one of those but maybe can get better prices by buying it from another source but need the dimensions. Thanks
  13. Mikem

    Washer for galley sink drain

    I have searched in vain for two replacement washers for my 2003 H466 galley sink drains. I think the numbers, 33 x 30 x 2 are metric, describing the OD, ID and width. I have looked at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Fastenal, Ferguson waterworks, Amazon, McMaster Carr, Grainger, SBO and...
  14. Mikem

    Universal 5411 and Campbell Sailer prop

    My daughter has her heart set on a 1982 C30 with the Universal 5411. The current prop is a Gori two blade folder. She will use the boat in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. My theory is that a Campbell Sailer 3 blade would wring the most efficiency out of that small engine. Thoughts and...
  15. Mikem

    Hard dodgers

    Does anyone know if Tartarooga dodgers in British Columbia is still in business? I don't see a phone number on their website and two emails two weeks apart have not been answered. Thanks
  16. Mikem

    Moisture in guages

    So I now have some moisture in my cockpit engine instrument panel guages. At times the tachometer is barely legible. Any hints on how to eliminate the moisture? Thanks.
  17. Mikem

    Hard Dodger

    Anybody have experience with Wavestopper or Tartarooga hard dodger manufacturers. Good, bad, easy to work with the company? Thanks for any input on any company. I moor our Hunter 466 in Bremerton, Washington.
  18. Mikem

    Marlow Hunter

    Did anyone get a look at the new H42 SS that was scheduled for display at the St Pete Tampa show?
  19. Mikem

    Winchrite ABT

    Does anybody have experience with the new and improved Winchrite ABT? My boat has about 1100sq ft of sail area split almost evenly between main and jib. In mast and roller furling. Right shoulder arthritis forces the issue. Thanks.
  20. Mikem

    Asymmetrical for H306

    My son bought a new to him 2002 H 306. What or who would be a good source for an asymmetrical sail for it? Thanks.