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  1. 19thol

    Ok Kids Help me solve a disagreement

    Can you attach a wire to the latch, and attach that to the top of the door so you don't have to bend over it?
  2. 19thol

    Yanmar 2GM20F Failure - reality check needed

    From my experience it sounds like a fuel delivery problem. One problem I had similar to your experience, had a pin hole in fuel line, sucking some air, not large enough for fuel to leak out. Replaced fuel line, all was well. Might also check filter housings to ensure no air being sucked in...
  3. 19thol

    Replacing frameless acrylic fixed ports

    Really looks nice, that's one of the jobs I've been gonna do for years, hard to get motivated since the old cracked ports don't leak, they just look like crap. Already bought the tape, now for the hard part!
  4. 19thol


    On our boat the bimini is too low to stand under, even for me, so we put it down till we have things set and then pull it back up, if needed. It is a pain to work around when up, almost impossible to get into and out of the slip, but it does keep the temp down when up.
  5. 19thol

    Pau Hana dry and Pau Hana wet

    That's a really nice looking boat!
  6. 19thol

    Holding tank area uses after removal?

    I vote for the portapotty or composting toilet, holding tank and hoses are a pain, not really nessesary if only daysailing with short (one week) trips from time to time.
  7. 19thol

    Tachometer powers on, but does not show RPM

    Don't know if it's related to your motor, but mine has a sensor on the bell housing with two wires on it, my tach wouldn't work, so I cleaned the connection on the sensor, all good. Good luck with yours.
  8. 19thol

    So sailboat owners is just another cancel culture forum

    I'm sure that's exactly what happened.
  9. 19thol

    Shroud tension.

    Hey Harvey, I graduated from Chichester High School. Philadelphia suburbs.
  10. 19thol

    Its funny Friday!

    old favorite
  11. 19thol

    Follow up to creating Seatalk Network

    I have, but no data
  12. 19thol

    Follow up to creating Seatalk Network

    Yes I do see the converter, but no depth or speed? There is power to it as well.
  13. 19thol

    Its funny Friday!

    Irish are the best.
  14. 19thol

    Follow up to creating Seatalk Network

    Scott, are you using this to convert st to stng??
  15. 19thol

    Anyone installed Raymarine RV100 on a sailboat?

    My new Axiom came with one, I've been thinking of doin the same thing. So your not crazy, or at least alone.
  16. 19thol

    Tohatsu 2.5 two stroke, not running

    I'm sorry but it's gone.
  17. 19thol

    Follow up to creating Seatalk Network

    I can't answer all your questions, I can just tell you I have an Axiom 7. ST60 speed and depth, which is connected to the st/stng adapter, and it does not send depth and speed to the axiom. Not sure those instruments put any info out onto the network? Sorry, that's all I have.
  18. 19thol

    No Traveler?

    Hey rgranger, that is a pretty fancy tap handle you have there, I'm jealous.
  19. 19thol

    It's still Wednesday...Photo Day...which appears to be on life support

    view while chowing down at Old Bay in Dunedin fl.
  20. 19thol

    Sailing from Daytona to St. Pete Florida Suggested Routes

    Please let us know how it goes?