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  1. Fly_H23

    Wooden Boatshow - Georgetown,SC

    Anyone else headed to the Wooden Boatshow in Georgetown on Oct 19?
  2. Fly_H23

    Broken Honda 2 Hp

    My long shaft Honda 2 Hp BF2D outboard has cracked it's extension case, right where the clamp holds the motor. It feels like some sort of cast alloy or aluminum. My question is, can it be welded back together and be stand up to the vibration? A new one is about $160.
  3. Fly_H23

    Accessing classified ads in mobile?

    I'm not able to find the "classified" ads on my mobile app. Am I just lost or is it hiding in plain site? I'd say at least half of my reading on this site is done on my iPhone.
  4. Fly_H23

    Just bought an O'day 26!

    After much haggling and assuring the Admiral she would indeed have stand up headroom (she about is 5'-3") we now own an 85' O'day 26'! She is on a mooring at Cave Run Lake in Kentucky and looks rather neglected. The previous owner admitted he hadn't even seen the boat in 2-3 years but allowed...
  5. Fly_H23

    Bulkhead Replacement?

    Ok, might sound stupid but is it possible to replace the bulkheads on an O'day 26 while it's still in the water? And with the mast still up? I'm thinking, do one side at a time and use the halyards as safety lines while I re-bed each sides chain plates? If the stays are slightly slackened so...
  6. Fly_H23

    Replacement Hull - Hunter 170?

    I am wondering if anyone has purchased a replacement fiberglass hull from Hunter Marine for a Hunter 170? I emailed them a few days ago but didn't hear back yet. I'd hope they have a replacement policy for H170 owners that have had cracking problems out of warranty. Any issues with the new...
  7. Fly_H23

    Up the Pocomoke River to Snow Hill, MD

    Someday soon, I want to retrace a trip my Father took back in 1972, from the Chesapeake Bay up the Pocomoke River to Snow Hill, Maryland in his 27' Chris Craft. I was too young to recall the trip but remember passing under the draw bridge at Pocomoke City. Has anyone made this journey...
  8. Fly_H23

    Trailer issues

    Does anyone have experience trailering both a Catalina 22 and Hunter 23? I am wondering if I can safely carry a Catalina 22 swing keel on my single axle factory type Hunter 23 trailer without any permanent modifications. Hull shape and weight are about the same. Now, I'm NOT talking about...
  9. Fly_H23

    Weird "sailboat"

    I saw an ad for this odd version of a home built sailboat and just had to share. Ya got to admire the guys effort and craftsmanship.
  10. Fly_H23

    Long Island

    I am contemplating the purchase of a larger boat (aren't we all?). It's way out on Long Island in New York ( I am in Ohio). This makes me wonder the best route to tow, thru the city or would it be wiser to take a ferry boat to the mainland? I'd rather pay a ferry fee than sit in big city...
  11. Fly_H23

    Thanks Christopher Columbus

    While out sailing today, I pondered the voyage of Christopher Columbus and his brave crew. Imagine setting sail 519 years ago with the crudest of navigation tools to sail around the world. While we are better prepared for a daysail on the lake than Columbus could have dreamed of. He had a...
  12. Fly_H23

    Cave Run Lake - Kentucky

    Great sailing this weekend courtesy of Hurricane Irene. We had a steady 10-15 mph wind and sailed the entire lake yesterday from the dam to Zilpo in just a couple hours. This morning 5-10 mph then filled in to 12-15 with small whitecaps. It's been a long hot summer but this weekend made for...
  13. Fly_H23

    Bimini mounted solar panels?

    I am going to add a Bimini top and have thought it might be a great place to mount a few solar panels. Our Hunter 23 stays in the water all summer and on it's trailer with the mast up in the winter. Guess Im thinking of a semi permanent installation since taking them on and off isn't an issue...
  14. Fly_H23

    Hunter 23 floorboards

    Anyone replaced the wood floor boards over the keel bolts with seaboard or starboard HDPE material?
  15. Fly_H23

    Hunter 23 cockpit drain hose

    A source of rainwater leaks that every H23 owner should check! Replaced the original leaky 1-1/2" cockpit drain hose on my Hunter 23 today. I decided on using a re-enforced clear heavy vinyl hose and new stainless clamps. You can find this hose at Lowes or most any hardware store. It looks...
  16. Fly_H23

    Ethanol free alternatives?

    I considering using ethanol free 100 octane aviation fuel for my outboard. All local sources sell 87 auto gas with ethanol and I'd have to add a stabilizer with ethanol treatment. After seeing what the ethanol did to my fuel line and tank in just a few seasons, I'm willing to spend more for...
  17. Fly_H23

    Outboard wont turn over

    Just acquired a 9.9 hp outboard with a Hunter 23. It's been sitting a few years and won't turn over. I've removed the spark plugs and sprayed some oil in the cylinders. Any other ideas on getting it freed up?
  18. Fly_H23

    Picking up our H23 this weekend!

    Finally my schedule, the wifes schedule and the weather are all cooperating to allow us to travel from southern Ohio to NY to pick up my 87 Hunter 23. I first looked at her over a year ago while on a vacation. The asking price was a tad high for the fair condition she was in, not to mention snow...
  19. Fly_H23

    Largest size tire/rim that fits Hunter 23 Trailer?

    Anyone upsized their rims and tires on a stock H23 trailer?