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  1. odj22sailor

    New 100% Jib - Inside track cleating question

    Use the primary winches in the cockpit
  2. odj22sailor

    One Design Racing Capri 22 Tall Rigs Fin keel on the East Coast

    I would start with in the middle of where most boats are! I am in DC. I would have no problem going to the New York region at all.
  3. odj22sailor

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    Great question, I would not recommend going to a masthead kit with a standard rig using the original OEM mast section. It is 4'-6'' to the masthead. The amount of unsupported mast and the softness of the OEM mast section scares me a lot. I have modified my OEM standard rig to a tall rig but I...
  4. odj22sailor

    One Design Racing Capri 22 Tall Rigs Fin keel on the East Coast

    Is anyone interested in having some one-design racing on the East Coast? There are ways to make for differences in set-ups.
  5. odj22sailor

    Trade Symmetrical Spinner for Asym

    Yes, it would!
  6. odj22sailor

    Halyard identification

    If you have gone to a Harken ESP furler then you must use the jib halyard, and it is recommended that a halyard restrainer is used as well. This will be mounted about 6-8'' below the bearing surface of the headstay, so I believe that would be 4-5'' below the bearing surface of the jib halyard...
  7. odj22sailor

    Halyard identification

    The top halyard is the Spinnaker halyard, the lower sheave is for the jib/genoa. It looks like it's missing?
  8. odj22sailor

    Retangular box in cabin

    Do you have a picture?
  9. odj22sailor

    Boom Topping Lift

    Well, the picture above is a good way of doing it.
  10. odj22sailor

    mast bend

    Send me a PM and I will explain to you.
  11. odj22sailor

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    Oh, forgot to mention your approximate sail area is 350 sf. ISP=28.0 J=8.1 (8.1x1.80=14.40) 28.0 x 14.40= 403 x .89 =358 sf Basic calculation for standard spinnakers
  12. odj22sailor

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    Add this to your equation in 15 tws the boat will not handle a kite with the wind forward of 135 degrees. So with that said the wind will be aft of that. At this point, the backstay will start supporting up the load of the sail. I think all of us that have an understanding of this topic have...
  13. odj22sailor

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    Standard OEM section! The rest is proprietary
  14. odj22sailor

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    I have a 37'' taller than normal standard tall rig I have laid it over buried the winches underwater and with a (J70) asymmetrical in 25 knots true! My spin halyard is 15'' above the jib it won't break! I've tried to break it. The Factory location of the tall rig spin halyard is 12'' above...
  15. odj22sailor

    Masthead Spinnaker?

    Going to a masthead spinnaker on the standard would not be advisable. The rig is barley large enough as it is. You can lift the halyard up about 15'' MAX. that would be fine. I have thought about doing the following with my boat before I went BIG! Raise the standard headstay up 2'-0'' it's...
  16. odj22sailor

    Capri 22 - hull numbers

    NO, but my tall rig is! How did 1057 sink?
  17. odj22sailor

    Mast Rake

    Her is my 2 cents, 1. Get rid of the baby stay 2. You will need to check with local rigger regarding headstay extension it may require a new headstay. Can't tell what furler you have if it's a Furlex or Harken 3. Make sure the boom vang has the throw to allow the boom to come down 4. By the...
  18. odj22sailor

    Two Questions - on 100% Jib and Securing Gooseneck

    Just use this and it will solve all of your problems
  19. odj22sailor

    The rehabilitation of M.O.P.A.R.

    Great sailing last week, finally got our picture taken.
  20. odj22sailor

    Brown spots on sanded hull

    They are previously blister(s). They were dremeled out and they filled with what appears to be West Systems epoxy and micro balloons. Are those grinding scars all over the boat bottom?