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  1. catsailor

    minimum temperature for rolling and handling Sta-Glass

    One thing I have learned about winter sailing is that on the first crisp (frost) day you learn what has become brittle over the summer. It didn't seem all that cold (low 32F high 50F, about 40F when the failures occurred) to me, but a few things went "pop." I don't often sail below 25F, so I...
  2. catsailor

    Winter Head Operation

    I'm a die hard and I sail whenever the water is soft enough. I don't live aboard and I don't run heat while away, so I do have to winterize to some extent (mid-Chesapeake Bay, lows to ~ 20F). I posted this question ~ 1 year ago but received no useful response. How do you operate the head in the...
  3. catsailor

    Circumnavigating the Delmarva Peninsula - Trip Report

    Rather than re-post many pages here, please visit my blog: A really classic summer cruise, if you have the time. About 6-20 sailing days, depending on your pace; we always seem to take 8-10 sailing days, plus a few lay days. Sometimes...